When your body does something you’re not familiar with, it can sometimes be cause for alarm. However, it’s common for us to normally overlook a pain or symptom as something that will just come and go without any need for action. But in some instances, this simply isn’t the case. And if your symptom is a sign of something bigger at play, you’re going to want to get it taken care of as quickly as possible. So to help you avoid finding out about major medical problems too late, here are three health concerns that you should never just ignore.

Bad Headaches

While everyone knows that symptoms like shortness of breath or intense chest pain shouldn’t be overlooked, there are other, smaller symptoms that many people don’t take as seriously as they should. According to Ella James, a contributor to Consumer Health Digest, one of these symptoms of bad headaches. For some, bad headaches are just part of their life. But if you have a constant headache or regular severe headaches, it could be a sign of something like high blood pressure affecting your kidney function or a brain aneurysm or tumor. So if you are suddenly getting irregularly bad headaches, make an appointment to see your doctor.

Mental Health Issues

Along with physical issues, there are also a plethora of mental health issues that you should get help with if you experience them. According to Anita Sanz, a contributor to Forbes.com, if you’ve noticed that you or someone you know is going through emotional extremes, rapid emotional shifts, any abnormalities or dysfunctionalities with no apparent cause, consider seeing a mental health professional to uncover whether or not there’s bigger issues at play here. While mental health issues can be attributed to a lot of physical factors, it’s best to be on the safe side when it comes to mental health.

Swelling In the Legs or Feet

If you’re experience swelling in your extremities due to an injury, that’s perfectly normal. But if you haven’t been injured but have noticed an increase in swelling of your legs or feet, it may be cause for concern. According to Jeff Hayward, a contributor to Active Beat, swelling in the lower part of your body could be an indicator of liver, kidney, or even heart failure. In addition to these possibilities, swelling could also mean problems with arthritis or potential leg infections. So if you notice abnormal swelling, see your doctor immediately.

To ensure you’re staying as healthy as you can and you don’t suddenly get in over your head with a serious health problem, use the information mentioned above to help you notice the early signs and symptoms of major health problems you shouldn’t ignore.

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