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Why Aren’t Lifestyle Beds Suited to Mobility Issues?

People who suffer from mobility issues are often advised to buy an adjustable bed. These can be moved in various ways using a remote control, but not all adjustable beds are created equal. You might come across adjustable beds sold Keep Reading

Choose Organic Shampoo for Your Hair and Scalp

People can’t reach a conclusion regarding the use of shampoo in bathing and how frequent they should use it. For some people, using shampoo should not be done often. There are those who bathe daily, but don’t use shampoo all Keep Reading

3 Tips For Getting Rid of Moths

Have you ever been outside at night, sitting on the porch, enjoying the fresh air only to be interrupted by the flight of the night butterfly, otherwise known as the moth? That is annoying enough. When it becomes a real Keep Reading

Older gardeners have a lower risk of dementia than non-gardeners

Interesting findings gathered by compost and bark chippings online retailer, Compost Direct, report that older gardeners have a 36-47% lower risk of developing dementia than non-gardeners. However, as urban spaces continue to increase across the UK, with less outdoor space Keep Reading

4 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Arthritis-Friendly

Developing arthritis can change the way you live, but, by using the right products and adopting the right steps, you can vastly reduce the discomfort and pain associated with the condition. The bathroom is one area of the house where Keep Reading

Your wellbeing in later life: are you planning ahead?

Planning for your wellbeing in later life can include much more than diet and exercise. Adding to your personal pension pot each month can help you prepare for your retirement dreams and living comfortably in older age, without debt or Keep Reading