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Home whitening versus dentist whitening; which option is the best for you?

Want a gleaming, white smile that most of the Hollywood elite would envy? Of course you do!

Dentistry today is much more than simple functionality; with more and more people choosing cosmetic options to improve their smiles, procedures like teeth Keep Reading

Choosing clear aligners as the clear winner

Millions of happy patients across the globe have already discovered the remarkable change that using clear aligning trays can have on their smile. The advanced technology that is used to create this treatment plan is second to none and coupling Keep Reading

Do you think braces only come in one size? Worried about which one you may need? Four of the most common and popular braces used in dentistry today

When you hear the word ‘braces’, you could be forgiven for imagining the traditional metal brace placed over the front of a young person’s teeth. So, when your dentist tells you that you, as an adult, could benefit from orthodontics Keep Reading

How do I start a treatment journey with dental implants abroad?

How do I start a treatment journey with dental implants abroad?

Many clinics (within both Hungary and Ireland) have a simple treatment process. Initially, patients should have a general idea about the type of treatment they wish to pursue, such Keep Reading

Is There an Optimal Time to Take CBD?

Do you intend to take a CBD product and you do not know the best time to take it? Well, cannabidiol products can be taken at any time of the day. These products affect people differently. The intake depends on Keep Reading

Top Fruits That Can Make You Lose Weight

We always hear that eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day is a great way to stay healthy and build your immune system. Did you know that fruits have immense benefits and are considered as superfood that can help in Keep Reading