Dizziness is a very common complaint in a number of people that can often lead to disability or psychological distress in a large population including middle-aged and older adults.

Cervicogenic dizziness, also known as Vertigo, is a subcategory of the dizziness. It is a condition which is characterized by the symptoms such as sensations of excessive motion, frequent imbalances, or constant spinning associated with neck pain and stiffness. Others experience a distinct feeling of the whole world spinning out of control and the sufferer desperately needs to hold on to something for maintaining balance.

Causes of Cervicogenic dizziness

Cervicogenic dizziness is generally caused by abnormal sensory stimulation in the cervical spine of an individual. It is a very common complaint in many individuals especially the people with a history of neck or head trauma of any kind. Among the other causes of Cervicogenic dizziness, there are also problems in the inner ear, or also from the disturbances in nervous system pathways. It can be a severe experience to tackle that can also impact other parts of the body and can cause acute discomfort including nausea, vomiting, and sweating.

Chiropractors at ‘Fornham Chiropractor in Bury St Edmunds’ are experts in the natural healing therapies and wellness program. Patients with the major concerns including particular dizziness symptoms, any kind of worrying dysfunction can benefit from this practice as they use sophisticated and cutting edge equipment to accurately assess the stress upon the spine and nervous system, removing all the interferences and helps in restoring the body’s ability to heal and regulate naturally.

Other symptoms

Other symptoms of Cervicogenic dizziness include frequent disorientation and lightheadedness, haziness, with the sense of floating or being disconnected and distant from the entire world. These symptoms can last from few minutes to many hours in various individuals. At times, the feeling of dizziness will be triggered with specific movements like looking up and down or keeping the head turned for a long time, or even working in front of a computer.

How Chiropractor will help in reliving Cervicogenic dizziness

Chiropractors have the required expertise and tools to help the patients suffering from Cervicogenic dizziness. Read below to understand how Chiropractors can help in providing relief to the patients of Cervicogenic dizziness:

  • Manipulation techniques: Chiropractor use manipulation techniques specifically targeting the joints that are not moving properly and causing the trouble. The most prone areas of this problem such as the upper neck can create faulty motion patterns and send misinformation about body position and movement that is going from the joints to the brain. This particular type of vertigo is called as Cervicogenic vertigo that can be helped by chiropractic manipulation technique.
  • Maneuvering the positions: One of the commonly affected areas in the Cervicogenic dizziness is the inner ear which has the vestibular system and its main function is providing balance. It contains the complex system of tubes with fluids that are lined with hair-like sensors to provide information to the central nervous system about position and movement. Other causes of the trouble are the accumulation of the debris inside sensitive areas within the tubes leading to vertigo.

Usually, in the cases where the Cervicogenic dizziness is caused due to a troubled inner ear, chiropractor uses the maneuvering techniques to reposition the debris to a more innocuous position for immediate relief.

  • Exercises to combat Cervicogenic dizziness: Chiropractors employ various types of exercises also to deal with the vertigo condition such as letting the person sit on the edge of a bed and flopping first to one side, back upright, then to the other side at one-minute intervals is a commonly used technique by the Chiropractors. Another form of exercises such as Tai chi exercise is also known to help in achieving slow, controlled movements to regain the focus on the body movements and balance. It is an effective and safe method to let go of the uncomfortable sensations.
  • Better diet and daily habits to fight Cervicogenic dizziness: Since Chiropractors focus on the natural power of the body to help in the process of healing, they discuss the best diet and daily habits to be adapted by the patients, to effectively deal with the Vertigo. As per the researchers, excessive intake of tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, and other substances can stimulate or depress the nervous system leading to the bouts of Cervicogenic dizziness. In some cases, even the use of non-prescribed sleeping pills or antihistamines can alter the normal functioning of the nervous system leading to the dizziness. An expert chiropractor can suggest effective meditation, relaxation techniques, and breathing techniques to regain control of the body by pursuing healthy diet, improved daily habits, and other relaxing techniques.

If you are suffering from Cervicogenic dizziness, it’s best to consult a Chiropractor immediately as they use effective techniques to deal with the same. A few sessions with an expert chiropractic can do significant improvement in the quality of life.

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