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Should I call my dentist about my lost filling?

5 dental emergencies that you should not ignore

Woken up in the middle of the night with a toothache? Ouch!

While most people would know that dental pain that wakes you up in the middle of the night is an Keep Reading

The benefits of invisible braces

Teeth straightening is an important dental procedure. Braces straighten and align teeth for both aesthetic and dental health reasons. They are used for the treatment of dental conditions, such as underbites, malocclusions, gaps between teeth, and various other conditions. They Keep Reading

How a cosmetic dentist in Bromley can give your smile a makeover

There’s never a bad time in your life to consider a little dental makeover, more and more are turning to their dentists for help in getting that gorgeous grin they can show off. There are numerous treatments and procedures available, Keep Reading

Filling in the gaps on dental implants in Milton Keynes

The history of dental implants

Contemporary dental implants are a testimony to the wonders of modern medical science, and the endearing genius of man.  However, dental implants themselves are by no means a modern phenomenon, and have existed in some Keep Reading

Want to know more about the clinical side of adult orthodontic treatments? Read on!

You’ve read all the articles about adult braces and aligners and have decided that you know all of the advantages of undertaking orthodontic treatment as an adult.

Similarly, you now consider yourself fairly well versed in the different kinds of Keep Reading

Curious about how dental implants are fitted?

So, you’ve chosen to go ahead with oral implants to restore your smile? Good for you!

By now, with the help of the internet, you are probably well versed in the different kinds of implants available and can even talk Keep Reading