Your goal for the new year is simple, you want to lose weight and work on your body.  The truth of it is if you want to rock a summer body on the beach this year, you have to work on getting it this winter.  It is tricky to lose weight in the winter as the weather is freezing, the days are short, and there are so many holiday goodies to enjoy.  However, with focus and dedication and a few tricks you can work on creating that smoking hot summer body in the dead of winter.

Treat Yourself To A Gym Membership

If you haven’t already joined a gym, you may want to look into finding a gym that works for you.  A gym membership is the best way to get a good workout in when the weather conditions are less than favorable. Not sure how to find the right gym for your particular needs and schedule?  Learn what questions to ask and do some research.  A lot of gyms offer perks as an incentive for their members to workout like free daycare and a free workout session with a professional trainer on staff.  It is also important to find a gym that is located either close to your home or your work so it is convenient.  If a gym is out of the way, you are more likely to skip a workout.

Focus On Your Stomach

When you think of your ideal summer body you are going to inevitably think about working on your winter pooch.  The biggest trick to melting the fat off of your midsection is going to be focusing on your diet.  Drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and avoiding being tempted by those delicious carbs and sugary foods is key to seeing inches drop from your midsection.  For toning, try pilates and yoga classes at your gym or find sculpting workouts on Youtube.  There are a lot of ab workouts that can help lose belly fat.

Work Those Other Trouble Areas

Not only do you need to focus on getting a healthier body in general for the summer but you also may find that your thighs and butt may be carrying not only extra weight but some extra cellulite too.  The bad news is that if you have cellulite, it’s genetic and will never go away completely but you can do many things to help smooth out and significantly decrease the amount of cellulite that is visible.  By incorporating workout moves like lunges and squats, focusing on a healthy diet, and investing in some cellulite creams or other treatments you will be able to see some great results before summer hits.

Once the holidays are over, start to focus and get motivated to get that beach body ready for summer.  You will be grateful that you worked so hard during the winter for it.

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