Why are dental implants in Herefordshire popular?

When it comes to cosmetic treatments for your teeth you have a wide range of options to pick and choose from to find one that will help you the most. From crowns to veneers, there’s something for everyone for a range of budgets.

Because of this, having a little Hollywood touch up for your teeth has become fairly common practice and one treatment that a lot of people are choosing or are being recommended by their dentist, is that of dental implants in Herefordshire.

What are they?

Before we dive right into it, here’s a little summary to get everyone up to speed.

An implant is essentially a prosthetic tooth that’s inserted into your jawbone beneath the gum line and held in place with a titanium screw that’s been medically sterilised. The teeth are normally comprised of either porcelain or ceramics and your dentist will usually recommend you have this treatment if you have any broken or cracked teeth, or if one of them is crooked and realignment is not an option.

How are they fitted?

Now when you hear the word ‘implant’ your mind immediately conjures up all sorts of nightmarish surgical scenarios, but in reality it’s a fairly simple, fast and relatively non-invasive minor surgery.

When you first go in for your consultation your dental team will usually inspect the area first to decide what needs to be done, then they may clean the area before taking a casting and shading match of your teeth. This information will then be sent off to the lab to create a realistic looking tooth that will blend right in with its surrounding partners.

From there you will be brought back in for minor surgery using local anaesthetic. Depending on the health of your jawbone you may receive either an endosteal or subperiosteal implant. The first is the most common and is fitted below the gum line as described, whilst the latter is placed below your gums but above the bone using an added structure. This tends to be chosen if there’s not enough healthy bone to graft to and reconstructive surgery is not an option at that point.

Are there positives?

There are a number of positives to this treatment which is what makes it so popular with patients.

For starters, the implant itself is easy to clean, just brush it as you would the rest of your teeth but pay mind to not press too hard with your toothbrush as you may dislodge the tooth or damage your gums. Second, the prosthetic tooth is created to blend right in with the rest of your smile so it’s incredibly difficult for other people to notice unless you point it out yourself.

Finally, the implant is sturdy and doesn’t require you to constantly come back in for multiple check-ups to watch its progress. But you should still be going in for check-ups every six months so your dentist can keep an eye on your overall health

In closing, there are a lot of positives about having this procedure, its fast, not overly invasive and the results leave you with an improved smile. So, it’s easy to see why it’s becoming so popular with patients in Herefordshire.

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