Products that help Clinical Documentation Integrity

Cynthia has over 30 years of experience in health information management, clinical coding and documentation, and clinical resource management. The focus is on developing workflow and improving clinical documentation to optimize cost recovery, ensure compliance, and improve work quality and Keep Reading

Fitness Tech – The Changing Face of Fitness

From wearables to smart training equipment, diet and fitness training programs, smart training equipment, yoga gear, and personal home gym systems, these things in the fitness technology industry have been in high demand as the outbreak of the CO VID-19 Keep Reading

Cardio For Improving Your Fitness Routine

Cardio is an important component of a balanced fitness program, but too much cardio can actually be harmful to your body. Cardio is the body’s most efficient way of burning fat and increasing endurance. For this reason, cardio workouts are Keep Reading

Rebounder Workouts For Fitness

Rebounder workouts are a specific type of elastic Leveraged, high-intensity workout usually performed on an apparatus called a rebounder (also known as a mini-trampoline) that is closely descended from traditional sporting trampolines, specifically sports that require jumping and/or running. A Keep Reading

Detox and Eat Good Food For Immune Health

With the increase of toxins in our daily life, we are becoming more aware of the importance of foods for the immune system. More people have become aware that when we eat healthy foods, it helps to keep our body Keep Reading

Beat the hormonal Bloat With Fitness Routines

The most important step in preventing a bloated tummy and to beat the bloat with fitness is to change your diet. There are several misconceptions about diets that cause weight gain or obesity. Many people believe that a diet high Keep Reading