Having straight teeth can, for some people, be a vanity thing. However, when considering having your teeth straightened it’s good to remember that there are several benefits to having straight teeth.

Take a look at a few of the benefits of having your teeth straightened.

Reduced Risk Of Jaw Issues

Having straight teeth minimise the stress on your jaw.

This is because when all our teeth are even, there is an equal amount of pressure across the whole of the jaw bone.

This means you are less likely to suffer from the loss of jaw due to lack of pressure in areas.

You are also less likely to come into jaw issues such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ). 

Healthy Mouth

If your teeth are crooked and your bite is irregular, your teeth are more prone to decay and gum disease.

This is because areas of your mouth become difficult to get to when your mouth is over-crowded.

Crooked teeth lead to excessive plaque build-up between teeth and can pose problems when brushing.


Having a straight smile boosts confidence and makes you feel happy.

When you have a healthy mouth, you are likely to smile more rather than try and hide your teeth. Psycholigically, by smiling more you’re more likely to feel happier and be healthier too!

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