There are plenty of things to think about when you’re picking out an adjustable bed, but few people take the time to consider size. All too often, buyers simply pick up an adjustable bed that’s the same size as their current double bed. Actually, it’s often a better idea to choose a slightly larger one.

Here are just three reasons why.

  1. More Room for Sleeping

If you’re looking into buying an adjustable bed, it’s a good bet you suffer from mobility problems. As such, you should really think about looking for a larger bed than you’re used to. When people develop mobility problems, they tend to move around more as they sleep, and it’s common to sleep further from your partner to make sure you can rest in the best position instead of curling up together. With a larger bed, you’ll have the room you need to move around.

  1. Allows for Separate Sections

Your previous bed probably only had one single section. It’s easy for two people to sleep on even a smaller single mattress because they tend to be sharing some of the same space. Unfortunately, that’s harder with an adjustable bed since most are separated into two sections that can be configured independently. You’ll essentially have two single beds that can be set in different configurations, which means you need more space.

  1. Provides More Space for Extended Stays

People who suffer from mobility problems are more likely to face extended periods of bedrest than members of the general population. It can be rough having to stay in bed when you’d rather be out and about, especially if you don’t have room for anything. If you’ll be in bed for extended periods, you should have enough space to spread out and stack any items or devices you might need to keep yourself busy.

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