There’s a buzz word that rolls around every once in awhile when it comes to health, and that word is ‘detox.’ And there are probably as many different ways to detox as there are people in the world. But, to get a sample size of what the word may mean in context to your circumstances, there are many ways that you can approach the topic.

You can look at addiction detox, nutrition detox, behavioral detox, and pain medication detox. In all of these cases, a person is trying to get away from some toxic aspect of their lives, and working to replace it with a healthier habit.

Addiction Detox

There are all sorts of addictions that people may battle during their lifetime. The most common ones that you hear about are alcohol and drugs. When you work through substance detox of this sort, the basic idea is that you are trying to get all of the content out of your system. This may take days. This may take months. It depends on if you are going cold turkey or if you’re trying to step down in increments. There are success stories and failure stories using both of these methods.

Nutrition Detox

Then there is the concept of a nutritional detox. Essentially, there is a school of thought that says that the body can be full of toxins depending on what you eat or what kind of environment you’re in. Different researchers and personalities will talk about different things as toxins. You can consider heavy metals toxins. You can view sugar and fat toxins to a degree. So when you go through detox from a nutrition perspective, you’re mostly getting rid of all of the foods that bring a particular element into your body. By introducing a supplement such as glutathione into your diet (view this link to learn more) you can help to fight the negatives that come from metals and pollutants. Sometimes detoxes are called cleanses as well. A quick research on a liquid cleanse will give you all sorts of interesting information about the topic.

Behavioral Detox

The concept of a behavioral detox is a little bit of an unusual one. Consider the fact that some people can be extremely aggressive or rude. If you tell them about their behaviors, you may find out that they had no idea. If you work with them for a period and tell them every time one of these toxic behaviors shows up, they can eventually work to eliminate it from their daily routines.

Pain Medication Detox

A critical type of detox these days comes in the form of trying to get off of pain medication. If you’ve been injured and gone to a hospital, they have probably prescribed you some pain medication to get you through the healing process. The trouble is, when you get off that pain medication, it can feel awful. This is one time when people get hooked on painkillers. So, over time, people have developed a method for pain medication detox to more comfortably and safely get people off prescription drugs.


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