Teeth that overlap, protrude or are crooked could very well have a serious and negative impact on the self-esteem of an individual and this may have implications on their social and business lives. It could mean that this person is not able to be the best they can be, due to their habitual issues regarding their self-confidence.

Whether it is right to do so or not, people can be judged on how their teeth look unconsciously and surveys have shown that a lot of individuals believe that people who have straighter and whiter teeth are more clever and more successful compared to those who have some uniqueness to their smile. It makes sense that people, both lacking in their own self-esteem coupled with subtle, external judgments from others, can find it results in reduced opportunities in life, all because of the appearance of their teeth and smile.

Thankfully, clear braces in Harley Street are a breath of fresh air for people who are looking to improve their smile in a discreet way, by getting rid of their misaligned teeth once and for all. This means that they can share their smile more confidently with those around them.

Who needs this kind of treatment?

This kind of treatment is ideal for people who are a little hesitant to undergo a teeth straightening journey, as they are unsure of the implications it may have if they are seen wearing an obvious teeth straightening device.

Subject to each unique case, a patient can choose from a range of differing treatment choices. A dentist will first take a thorough look at the condition of their patient’s teeth as well as their jaw, so that they are able to evaluate their bite correctly. They will also be able to establish the severity of the teeth misalignment so that they can determine which treatment options will be most appropriate.

After providing their patient with a comprehensive explanation regarding their unique situation, dentists will be able to share what they believe is the best course to take, in order to create a healthier smile. A patient will be able to think over the options that are available to them.

In general, clear, removable aligners are frequently used in less complex cases and because they can be removed they have the added benefit of having a less significant impact on an individual’s daily routine.

If the dentist finds that their patient is a more complex case, then perhaps lingual braces might be an option. Although not clear, these are truly invisible devices, one of a kind. They are fixed to the back of a patient’s teeth where they cannot be seen when they smile.

There are other fixed options which include Six Month Smiles. This is a quick and convenient solution and as the name suggests, takes a little as six months. This procedure uses clear and tooth coloured wires and brackets rendering it quite hard to see.

How do clear aligners work?

As mentioned before, clear aligners are best for those people who have relatively mild misalignments. They are clear, plastic trays that fit over teeth and when worn can hardly be seen. Every two weeks the patient will move onto a new set which gradually brings their teeth into the position of their new smile.

It usually takes around a year for most patients to see results, however unique cases will present with different time frames as is common with these kinds of procedures. A retainer may need to be worn to ensure that their investment lasts.

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