The advent of the smartphone camera has meant that we must be able to produce a broad and confident smile at a moment’s notice. Teeth whitening Harley Street is an everyday occurrence and patients leave their local surgery with a beaming confident smile ready to send a photo to their friends and family anywhere in the world.

Teeth whitening safely

Numerous do-it-yourself teeth whitening kits have come into the market, but before using any of them, it is necessary to ensure that they will not cause an adverse reaction or damage to teeth or gums. Patient’s need to ensure that they do not damage the enamel of their teeth, and for this reason, it is the better option to have teeth whitened by a dentist. An examination is normally conducted before any procedure, and teeth whitening is no different. The dentist will always ascertain the cause of any tooth discolouration. Teeth can become discoloured from drinks or foods, smoking, certain medicines and some illnesses. A dentist or hygienist is trained to identify these causes and advise the patient on the correct course of action.

The most common diseases that cause dental discolouration are either a deficiency in calcium or some liver diseases, an eating disorder and celiac disease. Whitening of the teeth is an opportunity to assess the overall wellness of a patient, and dentists are well-placed to do this no matter what the dental procedure is.

Using the latest technology for the patient’s comfort

The latest advances in dental whiteners provide the dentist with a customised protective device that ensures the solution does not burn the gums. Different formulas can be used once the dentist has determined the correct one for a particular patient. There is a formula that comes in a gel, and its effects can be seen in one hour of application. This is a very popular choice, especially when an important event is imminent, for example, a wedding. Another method requires more prolonged treatment, using a UV lamp; these treatments can take many months and last for as long as a year or two. There are some sacrifices that will have to be made during treatment, for example, drinking coffee or red wine is out of the question, and foods with strong colouring will need to be avoided.

Getting the colour right

Having teeth whitened by a dentist not only ensures that it is safe but also that the most suitable colour is achieved. Sometimes it is obvious that someone has had their teeth whitened as the result is an unusual white. A dentist will make sure that the result is not too severe that a patient’s smile is spoiled by overdoing the whitening treatment.

Smile with confidence

Smiling is a way of conveying a mood, and teeth are an important part of a patient’s smile. Teeth need to be properly cleaned before whitening to derive great results from the procedure. The right time to have teeth whitened is immediately after a dentist or hygienist has removed all plaque and stains.

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