My Life

Here’s a fit and healthy Susan Hargreaves saying hello to all the readers out there that have landed on this page. I sound positively full of energy don’t I? Haha! Well, it’s true. I’ve only recently turned 30, yes a memorable party it was, and I do feel well and healthy thanks to my style of living and my job. I am a fitness instructor, married with two boys, Josh 7, and Matthew 5, and these two terrors keep me on the go. My husband works in the city, London, and I look after the house, the boys and now this blog. Welcome!

Dennis, my husband, takes the A40 into the city each day from High Wycombe, where we live. I’m not sure I could handle that driving every day, but he says he just turns up the car stereo and takes a relaxed drive out and in as required. I’m so happy the drive doesn’t stress him out, and hopefully, that has a bit to do with my coaching. You have to walk the walk as well as talk the talk don’t you?

Who Needs Fitness Work?

My smallish gym is in town, and I cater mainly for women who are stay at home housewives or mothers of younger children who are not at school yet. The classes are very popular, so I have been able to employ a young girl who is studying to be a kindergarten teacher to operate the crèche. Knowing that their kids are in capable hands allows the mums to be a lot more relaxed.

The exercise regime is not built around weight training although there are a couple of small barbells in the gym for some of the routines. I have three classes a day for three of the days and on the other two days, I coach individuals, like a personal trainer. To be able to do this kind of work I completed a few different levels in Fitness Instructing, Personal Fitness Training and some units in Pilates and Yoga.

Get Motivated!

You know this work is almost wholly dependent on motivation and inspiration. People make the decision to do something about their health and fitness and get themselves along to the first appointment or the first class. The real challenge I have is to be then able to motivate them to continue after 3 or 4 classes. If you have struggled with weight and health for a while, the complete change of lifestyle can be a hard road to travel. I love to see my students get a glow about themselves after a few weeks during which they have seen the pounds drop off, and their general level of well-being has markedly improved. Inspiration and motivation is secondary after that.

I started this blog to share some thought and ideas about being healthy, fit and strong. A strong body can have a stronger mind. I would be more than happy to hear from readers who want to know a bit more about being fit, or if they know some great diets and foods my students can eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Join me here at My Health Line.