Achieving clean, white teeth is something that everybody strives to do, as a lot of people see this as a sign or signal that someone looks after themselves and that they may be in good health. The truth is there are many things that can leave lasting stains upon the teeth that may prove stubborn to remove (smoking, coffee, and strong food just to name a few) and this may lead to someone looking into ways that they can clean their teeth of stains and make them look white again.

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Looking around any supermarket or high street chemists will quickly reveal toothpaste that carries the promise of being able to whiten someone’s teeth, but often this method takes a long period of time, and the results can often be underwhelming. When someone is looking to improve the look of their teeth, they are looking to do so in the shortest time possible, often they want to achieve results with as little effort as possible.

Veneers London by being the answer many patients are looking for when looking for a quick and simple solution to whiten their teeth, as the results can be seen straight after the treatment is completed.

Made from porcelain, veneers will provide a patient with a new top layer to their tooth or teeth that will cover up common cosmetic issues, such as chips, fractures, and stains, creating a new look for the teeth and giving the patient a look they will be more than happy with. With the correct care, via brushing twice daily and flossing, this new white look should be with the patient for a substantial period of time.

It is important that the patient understands the treatment procedure before committing to having any treatment, as if they understand the treatment this can often lead to them feeling confident about their treatment choice and help to create stronger results.

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The first part of the treatment requires the patient to have the top layer of material removed from the teeth in order to create a surface for the porcelain cover to sit in, the idea here is to keep the teeth looking as natural as possible. The porcelain cover is then bonded to the tooth to create the new top layer for the patient’s tooth, with care being taken to ensure the new top layer is positioned correctly and is being held in place securely within the patient’s mouth.

This is a treatment solution that can be applied in several situations to create the results that the patient desires, as it can be used to treat a single tooth or to treat multiple teeth depending on the patient’s requests and needs. After treatment, the patient should have the desired results of having the clean, white teeth they are looking for.Normally treatment of a single tooth with dental veneers can be completed within one or two visits to the dental practice, in cases where multiple teeth are being treated the patients may have to make more visits to the practice to receive treatment, this should be discussed with the dentist providing treatment.

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