The short and concise answer is yes, but we’re going to get into a bit more detail about exactly why healthy-living naysayers appear to be completely missing the point of it all. You see it manifested through some memes doing the rounds freely over social media platforms how some people’s pursuits of a healthier body are dismissed as being pointless by people who have no desire to follow suit and try to lead healthier lifestyles.

And sure – some of these memes and little quips are very good and clever, like a particular one which poses the rhetorical question of just why on earth anyone would want to run if nobody is chasing them…

Here’s why healthy-living naysayers are missing the point…

False assumptions

I think one could even go as far as referring to these false assumptions made by healthy-living naysayers as those which come from a place of utter ignorance. As witty as it is, the question is often posed as to why we even bother eating right and exercising as part of a healthier-living regime if one day we’re all still going to die in any case. Some confirmation bias is also often thrown into the mix as references are made to people who go on to live very long lives and attribute these long lives to all manner of factors which seemingly have no link to living a healthy lifestyle.

For example, one particularly old lady, who is over 100 years old, says the secret to long life is to avoid men. On the other side of that coin is a man who is nearly 100, who says the secret to living a long life is avoiding women. Mental health experts will argue differently and I think I’d tend to agree with them in saying that being in a relationship can be healthy, particularly considering your mental health and just on the level of it compelling you to want to improve yourself, take better care of yourself or have someone take good care of you…

But that just leads to the false assumptions I’m trying to get to, which are built on the premise that people who resolve to take good care of their health are ultimately doing so in an attempt to live long or to try and live forever, whereas it has absolutely nothing to do with the fountain of youth.

It’s about firing on all cylinders

Look, by the logic of the naysayers, someone who gets injured on the job isn’t really in a bad way, because they can make use of the services of an Austin injury lawyer to get some good compensation, right? Except they’d have to live out their lives with the serious injury that warranted their payout.

That’s what living healthy is all about – it’s about feeling great in the body you find yourself in right now and trying to keep it feeling as good as it does for as long as you can. Having to deal with the health issues that you become more prone to as you age in a reactive manner is a lot less efficient than doing it proactively, through prevention.

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