Sticking to a healthy diet sounds like a lot of work, right? After all, the fast-food culture makes eating on the go convenient and easy – an option that does not encourage healthy eating. Well, we are not saying that eating out is a crime – but how about not making a habit of it? Learn to make easy and economical meals that are nutritious and only treat yourself to a meal out on special occasions! We promise – eating healthy is not as hard as it sounds with our top tips!

Now, remember that a healthy diet does not mean starving yourself or eating raw eggs. Far from depriving yourself, it is about eating to reap the benefits of a healthy diet. If you eat right, you are bound to enjoy better health, have tons of energy to spend, and ultimately score high on the scale of happiness. Healthy bodies will lead to healthy minds!

By eating home-cooked meals, you are already avoiding chemical additives, food colourings and added sugar. Instead focus on eating a balanced meal, whole grain food, an abundance of fruits and vegetables, nuts, fish, meat, and poultry in moderation, milk, and yogurts. All this with plenty of exercises and you should be reaping the benefits!

You might feel nervous at the thought of a lifestyle change so remember…baby steps. Phase-out the things that you know are bad for you and replace them one at a time with healthier alternatives. If you are used to snacking on chocolate or sweets, start alternating with fruits that you like. They take longer to digest and will boost your energy levels! Try adding colourful salads to your meals and slowly decreasing your red meat intake.

Once you have found meals that are easy to cook, start foraging for your ingredients. The fresher, the better! Take it a step further and try to grow some of your ingredients. Alternatively, check that your ingredients are fresh and are not hiding behind bright labels that hide nasty additives.

Note the little changes as you go healthy – do you feel more energetic? Healthier? Happier? Make a note of things that you like and stick to those. You can be adventurous and try new things. You might even inspire the people in your life to make the same choices.

Remember to drink plenty of water and to exercise regularly alongside your healthy diet. Water helps us stay hydrated and flush the toxins out of our systems. Exercise will help you stay fit and will work hand in hand with your new diet.

Think about your relationship with food. Do you eat more when you are stressed? Ensure that you have healthy alternatives in the house for those moments. Revise your portion of food and slow down as you are eating – take the time to enjoy your food and to eat with others! Eating can be socially fulfilling.

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