If you work out from home and are always looking for ways to improve, intensify and diversify your exercise routine and do not already own a chin up bar, it may be time to change that fact.  You may wonder why pull ups and chin ups and the apparatus that makes these exercises are so popular.  In the following article, we will look at some of the main benefits of this form of exercise and equipment and why you should invest in the best chin up bar for your budget. 

They Are Convenient

Along with push-ups and sit-ups, pull ups or chin ups are one of the most convenient types of exercise out there.  They are convenient because all you need to do them is a bar and your body.  It’s really that simple.

They Are A Fundamental Compound Upper Body Exercise

If you didn’t already know – compound exercises are crucial because they not only target multiple muscle groups at the same time, but because they trigger the release of growth hormones.  Squats are a great example of a good lower body muscle building exercise.  Chin ups could be seen as the equivalent for your upper body.  There is no other form of exercise that will make your upper body muscles grow in the same way as a chin up.  Specifically though, chin ups are especially good for targeting your biceps and back muscles.

You Can Easily Increase The Intensity

It goes without saying really that one of the easiest and most effective ways to build muscle effectively is by increasing the intensity of your workouts.  Whereas some exercise movements may  require you to get fancy and complicated to increase their intensity, this is not the case with pull ups and chin ups.

To increase the intensity of chin ups all you need to do is hang a dumbbell or kettle bell from your feet or strap a weight plate around your waist.  Again, it really is that simple.

There Are Many Variations On Pull Ups And Chin Ups

One of the biggest benefits of deciding to incorporate chin ups and pull ups into your workout routine is that there are many different forms of the exercise, without having to invest in additional equipment.  The variations in chin ups and pull ups is all in the way you grip the bar.  For instance, the most commonly used grip is the wide, overhand pull up – which is a good way to get your lats growing wide and strong  Other great variations include the reverse grip pull up or chin up and the close grip pull up.

Improves Grip Strength

There are many good reasons why exercises that can strengthen your grip are necessary.  If you are serious about weightlifting and body-building for instance, or involved in a sport that requires a strong grip on something, then pull ups are one of the best ways to do this.

Helps You Lose Weight

Although you can’t really compare pull ups to jumping a skipping rope or running, they do increase the heart rate and help you to lose weight.  If you are looking to increase the fat-busting effects you can shorten the time between pull-up sets or add an additional exercise to your sets of pull ups.

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