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Fitness Tech – The Changing Face of Fitness

From wearables to smart training equipment, diet and fitness training programs, smart training equipment, yoga gear, and personal home gym systems, these things in the fitness technology industry have been in high demand as the outbreak of the CO VID-19 Keep Reading

Fitness Routines For Women

Most people have a fitness routine, whether it’s to lose weight, build muscle, or simply improve their health. Some of us exercise regularly, others don’t even know where they’ve gone wrong! A fitness routine can be anything you want it Keep Reading

Body Calorie Requirements

Good nutrition is an integral part of human growth. The quality of the nutrients is important which is why science has made it possible for us to calculate calories. Basically, every food has a variant amount of nutrients, and to Keep Reading

The Many Health Benefits of Exercise

Exercising is any physical activity that improves or maintains general health and well being and overall physical fitness. This could be exercising at the gym, running, jogging, walking, skating, cycling, lifting weights, gardening, playing tennis, football etc. In fact, these Keep Reading

What to do after Lockdown?

The question on everyone’s lips is; “What now?” What is there to do while lockdown is being lifted? What is safe, fun and new that can help pull everyone out of the slump they entered while being stuck at home? Keep Reading

What Exactly are Thermogenic Supplements?

You may have heard of the term “thermogenic” get tossed in the mix when people discuss weight loss. What it actually means is heat producing. When the body is burning up calories, it produces more heat, and so, supplements that Keep Reading