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What reasons can compel you to switch to vaping and ditch smoking?

According to a recent analysis, it was found that around 3.5 million life years could be saved by the end of 2070. The research takes into account the different roles of e-cigarettes in both the initiation and cessation of smoking. Keep Reading

Spotting the Symptoms of Different Conditions

So many different illnesses and conditions can affect our health, but luckily if caught early, many illnesses have symptoms which can help manage them and prevent them from causing too much long-term damage to our health. Join straight stairlifts provider Keep Reading

Dental veneers or dentures – which way to go for older teeth?

As your teeth grow older, they grow more fragile and sensitive, and become more prone to chipping and even breaking altogether. These can all cause concerns when you’re older aesthetically and pragmatically, especially if you have an avid social life Keep Reading

Beyond Brushing & Flossing: 4 Ways to Eliminate Bad Breath

Plenty of people brush and floss every day but still find themselves suffering from bad breath. It can be tiresome to do everything right and still end up with bad breath, especially since it can affect everything from your oral Keep Reading

4 Benefits of Choosing Composite Veneers Over Porcelain

If you want to totally change the way your smile looks, veneers are a very good option; you can change everything from whiteness to size and shape, all while keeping your natural teeth. The decision to get veneers is usually Keep Reading

Advice on still being a socialite when quitting smoking

If you class yourself as a socialite in spite of the fact that you’re in the process of quitting smoking, Nicotinell has put together a quiz to discover your smoker profile, which should help you address the questions forming Keep Reading