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Embracing Choices for a Vibrant Life

Life presents us with many daily choices, each carrying the potential to shape our destiny. It’s in these moments of decision that our paths diverge, leading us to unique experiences and lessons. While some choices may seem insignificant, their cumulative Keep Reading


Whenever a new product is introduced into the market, consumers are curious to know what makes it better than the previous one, the components of the product, the retail price, where to get it, and so on. The same case Keep Reading

The 7Ps of dental marketing for a strong patient attraction system

Dentistry has become a very competitive  market. There are more dental practices than ever before. Fortunately more and more people are concerned with the health and appearance of their teeth and are therefore looking for good dental care and with Keep Reading

Tips for a successful patient attraction system

A successful patient attraction system requires a combination of a range of techniques and strategies that help make your target audience aware of the treatments and procedures that you have to offer and why they should choose your dental practice Keep Reading

Products that help Clinical Documentation Integrity

Cynthia has over 30 years of experience in health information management, clinical coding and documentation, and clinical resource management. The focus is on developing workflow and improving clinical documentation to optimize cost recovery, ensure compliance, and improve work quality and Keep Reading

How to Do What You Enjoy Every Day

Enjoying what you do is the secret to happiness. Unfortunately, most people are unhappy because they constantly worry and stress about what they will be doing the rest of their lives. Why? Because you don’t do what you enjoy! Read Keep Reading