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Do You Know What Strength Training Is?

Strength training is the practice of doing exercises that increase the level of your muscle groups. These exercises are usually done at a regular pace over a period of time. This is a very good way to get your body Keep Reading

Catering to Your Mental Health Too

Probably because we’re seen with the eyes more than anyone will ever hear us speak, the culture of the society we live in today is geared more towards the way we look. When it comes to health and fitness though, Keep Reading

Keep fit when young, stay bright when old

If you want to be mentally fit in middle age, make sure you are physically fit when young.

Keep Reading

How to Find Peace in the Midst of Being Around Addiction

Addiction is no pretty thing to live with and it affects nearly 10% of the American adult population. When addiction is talked about, people generally go straight to the hard drugs, and while this reality is very evident in society, Keep Reading

How to boost self-productivity

Worrying figures, from a study conducted by a researcher at Brigham University in the United States, revealed that people living an unhealthy lifestyle, including unhealthy diets, were as much as 66% more likely to experience a loss of productivity than Keep Reading

Older gardeners have a lower risk of dementia than non-gardeners

Interesting findings gathered by compost and bark chippings online retailer, Compost Direct, report that older gardeners have a 36-47% lower risk of developing dementia than non-gardeners. However, as urban spaces continue to increase across the UK, with less outdoor space Keep Reading