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Rebounder Workouts For Fitness

Rebounder workouts are a specific type of elastic Leveraged, high-intensity workout usually performed on an apparatus called a rebounder (also known as a mini-trampoline) that is closely descended from traditional sporting trampolines, specifically sports that require jumping and/or running.

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Visiting a dentist in Navan

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Are we too obsessed with working our abs?

If there has been a single mantra underlying every new workout phenomenon of the past decade, it is this: whatever you do, work your core. Just about every personal trainer and running coach, barre teacher and Spinning instructor has drilled Keep Reading

Construction of Sporting Arenas

Sports arenas are not just important for a team, but also for the community. These centers need to be crafted very carefully to handle the enthusiasm of hundreds and thousands of fans who come to support their teams and bond Keep Reading

Power couple

#Fitstagram stars Faya Nilsson and Zanna van Dijk have a half-hour workout to kick-start your new-year body Keep Reading