Probably because we’re seen with the eyes more than anyone will ever hear us speak, the culture of the society we live in today is geared more towards the way we look. When it comes to health and fitness though, it should be common knowledge by now that the outwardly appearance should really just be a reflection of how you feel on the inside. It’s about how you feel more than it’ll ever be about how you look, which brings into focus the need to cater to your mental health too. There are a lot of things you could add to your mental health tool-kit like a dash of morning meditations, or a sprinkle of aromatherapy paired with supplements like the ones you get at and similar sites – the ultimate decision of how to do and what to do lies with you! However, we have a few tips that might help you in the long run!


In order to keep functioning properly and stay healthy as well, your mind also needs its own flavour of exercise, which is stimulation. There are different types of stimulation, one which is saved for last (see frivolity, below), while the type I want to focus on here and now is that of the challenging flavour.

In order for your brain to stay sharp and to develop and evolve it needs to be challenged beyond just completing its daily functions, which rather ironically already account for mind-blowing amount of activity!

So whether it’s with brain-teasers, complex puzzles or anything else which makes you think until it hurts a bit, your brain does indeed require that level of stimulation to remain healthy. Perhaps some people should consider looking at these space jigsaw puzzles to challenge their mind. As they have 1000 pieces, it should take some time to complete.

Get enough sleep

Maternal instincts seem to neglect us when it comes to ourselves, but that can probably be attributed to the high-stress domestic and professional environment synonymous with modern day life. I’m particularly referring to how we know when a toddler is feeling especially irritable on account of them perhaps just needing to have their nap and so we proceed to put them down for one.

If we took more naps as adults we’d be surprised at the wonders it does for our mental health. Your brain can and probably does suffer from over-stimulation for unnaturally prolonged periods of time, which is why some progressive companies such as those in Silicon Valley have sleeping pods and likes to allow employees to recharge their batteries on the go.

The least you can do is just make sure to get enough sleep.

Frivolity is very necessary

On the other end of the stimulation spectrum is that of that stimulation which appears to be more frivolous than anything else. It’s every bit as important though when you’re trying to balance your approach to catering to your mental health.

Online casino regulars on platforms such as Toals pretty much have the full complement of what is required to cater to their mental health on one platform, because there are different types of games to choose from, each of which offers different degrees of stimulation. A serious, professional gambler who is applying some betting strategy is as much at home as one who bets purely for fun, but that makes for some fun that comes with the very real possibility of winning a good amount of money.

Either way, this type of fun stimulation is also required as part of a mental health regime.

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