Millions of happy patients across the globe have already discovered the remarkable change that using clear aligning trays can have on their smile. The advanced technology that is used to create this treatment plan is second to none and coupling this with the guidance of a specifically trained dentist, it is not hard to see why Invisalign in Weybridge is fast becoming the most popular removable teeth straightening device on the market today.

This treatment is for patients who are looking for a fast, reliable and streamlined process to straighten their mild to moderate dental misalignments. Patients should be able to enjoy the flexibility that clear aligning trays can offer, allowing the treatment to work with their lifestyle rather than the other way around.

However it is not for everyone. A patient needs to speak with their dentist to ensure that they are eligible for this kind of treatment. It is more suited to adults or teenagers whose teeth have stopped growing, as the aligning trays are custom built and a very tight fit in order to be efficient.

Children are much harder to work with, as the dentist would need to factor in the growth and development of their teeth and jaws, whilst creating the treatment plan and building the trays. For this reason, more traditional braces are preferred in younger patients.

How does it work?

The magic happens with the 3D scanning technology that is specifically designed to work in conjunction with the aligning trays. The scan allows for the latest software technology to specifically plot the best path of movement for teeth to be pushed into, in order to create the maximum effect in the shortest amount of time.

Digital scanning and plotting eliminates human error and dentists are able to go over the results with their patients, using their trained eye to ensure that this would indeed work quickly and efficiently.

The aligning trays are then custom moulded, again, using the information gleaned from the 3D scan and a patient can begin wearing their first set of aligning trays. There is no more need for uncomfortable moulds to gag on or lengthy waiting times at the dental practice.

A patient simply needs to change their aligners to the next set every couple of weeks and visit their dentist every 6 weeks or so, in order to monitor that progress is right on track.

Treatment times will vary depending on the severity of the situation, but most patients can expect results within 1 to 2 years. They will need to wear a retainer for a certain amount of time after this, in order to retain that beautiful new smile and their investment.

The ligaments that allow teeth to move often want to snap back into their original position for a year or two after treatment, so wearing a retainer is important to hold these ligaments in their new position until they relax and stay there.

A dentist will be able to advise their patient when they believe it is OK to remove the retainer, however wearing it a few nights a week is recommended when possible for maximum results.

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