Physical appearance has come under close scrutiny in recent times, driven by the stratospheric influence of social media and the need to perfect one’s look to take the picture-perfect selfie. There is no getting away from the positive influence an ideal smile has on an individual’s life. Consider the significance of an aesthetically pleasing smile on creating a desirable first impression, such as that made during a job interview. One of the important contributing factors to an ideal smile is the appearance of teeth, which may be why the dental industry has seen a surge in demand for treatments such asdental implants Windsor to correct a less than perfect dental appearance.

Results from a research YouGov survey on behalf of theBritish Dental Association (BDA) shed some light on why dental appearance matters when it comes to others’ perceptions of how we look and the social judgements formed from first impressions (when all other information is absent). Participants in the survey were presented with images of individuals displaying a range of dental appearances from ideal smiles to smiles showing off decayed or missing teeth and had to give their perceptions of the positive or adverse consequences associated with these smiles. Out of the 2,028 adult respondents,62 per cent were of the opinion that the job applicants with poor dental appearance would be less likely to succeed at being hired, especially for client-facing or jobs that place one in the spotlight.

Visibly bad teeth take the lead on the list of barriers that may exclude one from benefiting from career or promotion opportunities along with untidiness, dress code violations and being found to be overweight.

In presenting a pleasing smile, the look of teeth is a key feature and contributes to the social judgements that are formed. Attractive smiles earn the wearer positive social judgements, such as the perception that they are friendly, trustworthy, intelligent, popular and more likely to be successful in life. Individuals with visibly decayed teeth or those with teeth missing, on the other hand, are thought to be untrustworthy, unhealthy and of poor intelligence.

The impact of the insecurities caused by an imperfect smile can be far reaching for the individual too. The lack of self-confidence can extend so far as to prompting one to withdraw from social activities and engaging with others, with the risk of becoming depressed.

Thanks to the variety of cosmetic dental treatments available to address issues that detract from a good dental appearance (stained teeth, missing teeth, fractured teeth and decayed teeth), it is within an individual’s power to find a suitable dental treatment that will realise an ideal smile. An increasingly popular option in the basket of cosmetic dentistry are natural-looking permanent tooth-replacement implants, purposefully designed to give patients back full mouth function in addition to an enhanced smile.

To be considered for certain types of cosmetic dental treatments, patients will need to meet certain prerequisites before receiving treatment. This will be discussed with the patient once an experienced dentist carries out a complete assessment of the patient’s oral health condition. To discuss suitability for cosmetic dentistry and all available options, get in touch with a qualified dentist at your practice.

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