For lots of people out there having a smile to be proud of links to overall self-confidence. This could sound obvious but it’s not to be overlooked. Confident people often make successful people and success can also add to our happiness. Now of course success means lots of different things to different people. But it’s often those that feel good that spread good and that’s worth promoting. 

Invisalign actually conducted some research on this topic and found that sixty per cent of people were happier, felt they looked more attractive and were thought of as more successful with straighter teeth. And what’s more is that it’s been reported that confidence had deep parallels to success in education, home, and careers. 

Now all this being said it’s really important to look at ways to make sure you’re feeling confident about yourself beyond how you look. Using a more holistic method combining the use of a teeth-straightening system such as Invisalign in Fulham along with practising good wellness techniques is a sure-fire solution to building your confidence back up. 

What is wellness?

There are two parts to wellness as stated by the global wellness institute. The first is that wellness as a state is not passive or stationary it’s something a human actively pursues. It comes down to the intentions and choices of those pursuing it. The second element of wellness is linking back to what was spoken of earlier, a more holistic approach in the incorporation of many aspects of your health to build harmony within. 

To bring this back to teeth straightening and why it’s important. If you were to opt for a treatment plan such as Invisalign in Fulham expecting the results to magically cure you of all your confidence issues it’s likely you’ll be disappointed. Yes of course having the cosmetic element fixed is the first stage of building back confidence but there is still more work to do. It is the combination of health elements coming together that will really improve your lifestyle and 


6 Dimensions of wellness

Physical – Looking after the body with exercise, good food and lots of sleep. 

Mental – Using your brilliant brain to engage with things that excite you through learning and creativity. 

Emotional – Acknowledging you’re a human being who’s going to feel lots of different things sometimes all in one day and this is ok. 

Spiritual – Searching for whatever it is or isn’t that gives you drive, meaning and purpose. 

Social – Being able to connect with friends, family and new people in ways that go beyond work and need. 

Environmental – Spending time with nature, going on long walks and enjoying local parks. 

If we look at where teeth straightening fits into these elements, it’s that you’re taking this step to look after yourself physically, and that’s fantastic and something to be proud of, but make sure not to neglect the other elements when it comes to building back up your confidence. When thinking about teeth straightening it’s worth talking through your feelings and wants with your dentist so they can help guide you and manage expectations through the process.

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