Within the modern field of dental work, patients are expecting more from their local dental clinics, and so they should! Aside from standard general dentistry (a few examples of which include fillings, X-rays, and a scale and polish), clinics all over the country are expanding the scale of dental treatments they provide.  

Never disregard your dental check-up 

Within the busy hustle and bustle of daily life, many patients may overlook their scheduled dental check-up, they may even forget about it completely. Aside from financial concerns, patients’ dental anxieties, and busy work and social lives, some patients may not be aware of the importance of a dental check-up.  

Standard procedures 

During a dental check-up, oral diseases and infections can be found, treatment can then be arranged before any concerns develop into something more serious. Aside from general assessments and dental examinations, an oral cancer screening is another key aspect of a dental check-up, this may be key in preventing the development of mouth cancer. A scale and polish is another common treatment example which is suitable for the removal of plaque and tartar, and can only be administered in house. 

The range of treatments available at your local dental clinic 

Aside from standard dentistry, many dental clinics may offer restorative dentistry (a common example being dental implants), preventative dentistry (including dental hygiene), as well as cosmetic dental treatments. 

Why choose cosmetic dentistry? 

Cosmetic dentistry is a form of dentistry that primarily focuses on improving the aesthetic appearance of an individual’s smile. A few more common examples of cosmetic dentistry include tooth whitening (a common provider of which being Zoom whitening), as well as porcelain veneers, inlays, onlays, and ‘Six Month Smiles’.  

Is cosmetic dentistry available on the National Health Service? 

The line between NHS and private dentistry can be blurred, patients may therefore be unsure of the true cost of their chosen dental treatment. In terms of cosmetic dentistry, this is categorised as aesthetic, therefore it is usually only available under private dental care and thus financed by the patient. However this can be subsidised whether this be through medical insurance, or a finance plan at a local dentist in Stevenage).  

Lifting the financial burden that dentistry can bring 

Many patients may find it stressful when they view an upfront cost online (or at a dental clinic), however there are alternative financial options. Monthly payment plans can allow patients to receive their dream smile, without a hefty upfront cost. Monthly instalment plans offer patients flexibility, some dental clinics may even offer 0% interest payment plans.  

Tackling dental nerves 

Patients who are experiencing anxiety within a dental environment (whether this is mild or severe), may feel as if they are alone, however it is extremely common! Patients who do feel nervous may not even make it to the door of a dental clinic, let alone receive treatment, however there are now ways of dealing with this. Many dental clinics may offer numbing medications, and varying forms of sedation (such as intravenous sedation), however some patients may prefer to talk. During an initial consultation, nervous patients may wish to speak to their dentist about any concerns or worries they may have, before commencing treatment. 

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