Addiction is no pretty thing to live with and it affects nearly 10% of the American adult population. When addiction is talked about, people generally go straight to the hard drugs, and while this reality is very evident in society, an addict isn’t defined as an addict because of drugs. Addiction comes in many forms. It is substance related, but it can also be emotional and behavioral.

No matter the addiction, addiction is bad in any form because it takes an otherwise healthy life and it puts on it a dependency on something that can’t be sustained. Addicts find relief from their worries and troubles through a temporary high or a momentary redirection of thoughts. Addiction is a feeling, a chemical dependency, and a disease above everything else.

If you’re around addiction because you live with an addict, or you are an addict, it can be hard to find your peace, especially if you would normally find your peace through the thing you’re struggling with being dependant on. It’s about finding an outlet that is healthy and won’t cause more pain than help. Here are some ways to find peace in the midst of being around addiction:

Get Triggers Far From Sight

If you’re in a house with an addict, or you’re an addict yourself, finding peace and a way out of the darkness is hard and impossible if there are constant reminders and triggers around that make you want to go right back to your addiction. If you know you have an abuse problem, don’t live with people who have the same problem. If you’re addicted to sweets, don’t keep them around the house. Part of the strategy is keeping the things which trigger you far from sight. The whole out of sight out of mind thing actually works.

Find An Outlet

If you’re tired of being cooped up in the house and you can’t stand being around the crazy mood swings an addict often has, or you’re an addict who needs to do something in order to stop yourself from thinking about your vice, it’s crucial you find an outlet to turn to that’s healthy. Go to the gym, get yourself involved in a hobby like theatre, or learn a new skill.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you have a support group and that you enjoy it so that you keep turning to it when you want to reach for a drag or whatever else.

Find Your Spiritual Side

Not everybody believes in God and not everybody believes that the spiritual world is real, but if you’re struggling with matters of life and death, finding your spiritual side can really help you find your peace. Meditate on what is good and right and find the brightest light that makes the darkness go away.

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