Your skin does a lot for your body, being the biggest organ of the body and all. It mainly helps keep everything together while being a protective cover. Even though you’re shedding a little skin every day, it’s less than two pounds that you lose a year. The skin you have, whether it’s going to get shed or not, needs protection.

Obviously, you’re careful with knives, you wear clothes when you cook bacon, and you clean your skin (in the shower or bath) on a regular basis. But there are some more things that you can do in order to keep your skin healthy and happy.

Shave More Wisely

When you shave your legs, face, armpits, or any part of your body, you aren’t just removing hair. You may knick yourself, and you are definitely removing some skin cells. There are safer ways to shave.

Pick a good moisturizing shaving cream that helps protect your skin while you shave. Follow shaving with a cream or oil that helps replenish the oils lost in shaving. Maybe you even want to find a new way to remove hair, like buying an epilator.

Keep It Clean

Your skin will treat you better when you treat it better. By cleaning your skin on a regular basis you lower your risk of clogged pores, which can lead to pimples. You also lessen your chance of blemishes.

At the least, you should wash your face first thing in the morning using CBD Face Scrub (50ml, 500g CBD). This gets any sweat off of it, and excess oils, that have accumulated while you were sleeping. Also, always wash your face at night, to remove makeup and grime from the day (which will also help prevent clogged pores.)


Dry skin can be very painful and even simply bothersome. There are a couple keys to helping keep your skin hydrated. One is to use the right products for your skin type, and the other is to moisturize regularly.

If you have naturally oily skin it can cause pimples, so you want a cleanser that can help remove some of that oil, but you also don’t want to dry it out completely. If you suffer from even drier skin in the winter use moisturizer all over daily, and try oatmeal baths to soothe and relieve itchiness. Look into Paraben Free Skincare products that might suit your skin type.

Keep It Covered

When the sun is out you need to keep your skin covered with sun protection. That could mean regularly applying sunblock, and it could also mean wearing a hat. Unless you’re bald it will be hard to put sunscreen on your head, and your hair isn’t enough to prevent your scalp from getting burned.

When it’s cold out protect your skin with more than just moisturizer. Wear gloves, socks, ear protection (like a hat), and even a scarf, to protect yourself from things like windburn and frostbite.

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