Fitness and exercise trends come and go. A bit like the fashion industry, new ideas come along all the time and catch the imagination. So what are the latest trends for workout lovers this autumn? Are traditional exercise methods now back in vogue to deliver sweat inducing sessions that achieve amazing results?

Here, fitness guru Lloyd Wells who works with Planday examines and explains some of the trends available up and down the country to see what innovative classes are now being offered.

  1. Bokwa


If you like Zumba, you’ll love Bokwa! A high intensity mix of hip hop and step aerobics with elements of South African dance steps, you’re dancing letters and numbers. That’s right, the movements are in the shape of letters – you’ll be drawing them with your feet as part of a high calorie burning dance routine, then add your own freestyling moves to the music to achieve either achieve a low impact or high energy cardio workout.

  1. Barre


This class is based on a mixture of Pilates, Yoga and a traditional ballet workout to make you supple, strong and de-stressed all at the same time. Sculpt lean muscle and slim down, lengthen limbs and improve your posture, firm up your glutes and experience a full-body workout designed around simple, functional movements. Barre classes combine strength, tone and flexibility with focus and relaxation. If you want to build core strength and increase your general fitness, come join the barre.

  1. Metafit


This is a metabolism boosting ½ hour class for all fitness levels and capabilities that’s been created by a former Royal Marine and a national gymnast. There’s no equipment and no choreography, and the best bit is that this bodyweight training class keeps on burning fat through the day. It’s a high intensity interval training (HIIT) class to push your body out of its comfort zone, working on the premise that you need to boost your resting metabolism in order to burn fat.

  1. Battle ropes


Head outdoors and pick up the weighted roped to practise ‘the art of undulation’ to create a wave-like pattern with the rope, using just the muscles of your body. Easier said than done, you’ll be working every muscle in your body, particularly your core, while learning to improve your coordination and getting a thorough cardio workout. It’s a highly effective low-impact workout that’s safe even for beginners and those recovering from injury.

  1. TRX


Invented by a professional US Navy Seal, Total Body Resistance (TRX) classes use a series of straps attached to an A-frame or wall. Great for beginners as your body is supported, the exercises use your own body weight and gravity to produce resistance, while every time you move or shift position, the resistance increases or decreases. Whether you’re after a total body workout or focus on a particular muscle group or improve cardio fitness, you’ll be thrilled with the results.

  1. Ugi Fit


Ugi (short for: U Got It) is a functional and fun exercise programme based on one prop only: the Ugi ball – a cool modern twist on the traditional medicine ball. It’s squishy, it’s weighted and it’s versatile. What’s more, in only 30 minutes it can give you endless variations for a full body workout involving strength, cardio and core training that achieves real results and never gets boring.

  1. Pole fitness


Combine fitness and fun in one super effective workout that will make you sweat! Enhance your flexibility, tone your arms, abs, legs and bum and build overall body strength while learning how to celebrate your body with confidence! Far from sleazy dance routines in gentlemen’s clubs, pole workouts are an exhilarating way to exercise. It’s a little bit like Pilates, but on steroids!

  1. Outdoor training


Think bootcamp training, think Ninja Warriors or Tough Mudder and it’s not difficult to see where this trend is heading – out of doors! Outdoor gyms in local parks (also known as ‘adult playgrounds’) are now becoming increasingly popular to take advantage of the fresh air to enable working out in a fun yet challenging way. There’s also been a rise in interest for parkour classes, skipping classes etc.

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