When you are left feeling unsatisfied with the appearance of your smile it can damage your confidence and have a negative impact on social interaction. You may shy away from having conversations with people, because you do not want them to notice the gap in your smile, or you might feel like you must decline any invitations you have to eat in public.

At High Dental Implants Melbourne in Melbourne it is easy to have your smile restored to its former glory, whether you are missing one tooth or several. It is never too late to seek dental advice about replacing your missing teeth, and having treatment to repair any cracked or broken teeth is possible for you as well.

What are tooth implants?

A tooth implant is a small screw that is inserted into your jawbone by your dental professional. In some rare cases the patient may need to have an appliance fitted underneath their gums, if their jawbone cannot withstand the implant on its own. This allows the gum to grow around the frame of the appliance. Once it has healed the implant is then attached to this frame instead of being inserted into the jawbone.

Once the implant has been inserted into your jawbone your dentist will be able to attach your replacement teeth to it. Whether you have a single crown or a full set of dentures, implants are completely natural looking and designed to feel like your original teeth.

If you take care of your implants and attend regular check-ups at your dental practice you will find that your artificial teeth can last up to twenty years. Sometimes when they have been thoroughly looked after from day one, they can last for the remainder of your life. It is important to have good oral hygiene to avoid suffering from gum disease and tooth decay as well.

What type of problem can an implant resolve?

People enquire about dental implants for all sorts of reasons. If you have not taken care of your teeth properly throughout your life, then it is possible for your teeth to fall out due to decay or gum disease. Sometimes your teeth will fall out due to old age too. Sporting injuries are a common cause of tooth loss, as people can have accidents where they are hit in the face or fall over.

Whether you are replacing one tooth and need a crown fitted to your implant or you are having a full set of dentures fitted, there is a solution for your smile. Partial dentures are available for people who need to replace a few teeth that are next to each other, or a bridge can be used to help close gaps.

Getting artificial teeth will enable you to eat out in public with confidence, improving your social life and making you feel happier in general. Smiling at people will become something that you enjoy to do again.

If you are unsure about which treatment you need, do not panic. Booking a consultation at your dental practice allows you to have your mouth professionally examined and your dental practitioner will be able to explain what type of treatments will be the most suitable for you. They will be able to answer any queries you have about the different treatments that are available.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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