Want a gleaming, white smile that most of the Hollywood elite would envy? Of course you do!

Dentistry today is much more than simple functionality; with more and more people choosing cosmetic options to improve their smiles, procedures like teeth whitening in Bedfordshire are becoming more popular than ever with dental patients.

However, teeth whitening is a procedure that many toothpaste companies will claim can be performed at home with their signature brand of toothpaste, designed to whiten teeth in so many weeks by so many shades. But what are the benefits of having your teeth whitened in the dentist’s chair as opposed to trying a whitening toothpaste at home?

Whiter teeth

If you have naturally white teeth, then it may be easier for you to simply polish them up using a home kit. However, if your teeth are a bit more stained and look a bit more yellow than you would like, then the dentist’s chair is guaranteed to offer you better results than you would get at home.

Home whitening kits can rarely whiten teeth by more than 3 shades, but your dentist will be able to remove staining on your teeth and make your smile up to 8 times whiter! Be aware that, depending on the shade you want your teeth to be when treatment is concluded, you may require 2 dental visits.

Professional help

The benefit of having a dentist whiten your teeth is that they actually have qualifications in this area. They know what they are doing and can identify issues which may occur during the whitening process. They can also ensure that other complications, like tooth decay or gum disease, are resolved before they attempt to whiten your teeth.

You don’t want to end up with your teeth being different shades of white; your dentist will be able to make all of your teeth the same shade of white, which can be difficult to achieve with a home whitening kit. They will also be able to offer you specialist advice on how to keep your teeth looking their whitest for longest after the whitening is concluded.

Home treatments

There is the added bonus of having your dentist customise a plastic tray, visually similar to a mouthguard, that you can use at home to keep your teeth whiter for longer, post whitening procedure.

You will be provided with a customised gel, much more powerful than any home whitening kits, which will reduce the build-up of stains and yellowing on your teeth. This will keep your teeth looking their best for longer and allow you the flexibility to whiten your teeth at home.

 Remember, teeth whitening, like most dental cosmetic procedures, is best left to dentists and hygienists. They can offer you a professional approach and can create a much whiter smile than any whitening toothpaste you can buy from a shop.

Think in-surgery whitening is for you? Contact your dentist today for more information to help you get the smile that you are looking for.

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