How do I start a treatment journey with dental implants abroad?

Many clinics (within both Hungary and Ireland) have a simple treatment process. Initially, patients should have a general idea about the type of treatment they wish to pursue, such as general dentistry, or cosmetic dentistry. It may be confusing for some patients whether they should visit their local dentist, or a dental clinic abroad (such as Access Smile Dentist). Individuals may be swayed more towards their local dentist for convenience, they may be promised a lower price than they actually later receive.

Why may individuals be looking to undergo a form of dental treatment abroad?

Undergoing a dental procedure in another country may be due to better financial costs, as well as a higher quality of dental treatment.

How can I avoid false financial promises?

It is suggested that patients follow a few key steps to avoid any financial problems. Such as patients receiving a detailed quotation and pay close attention to all aspects of the dental quote- this ensures less unexpected sums of money at the end of the treatment period. It is important to avoid false quotes that may actually entail significantly less treatments than can be provided. With dental implants abroad they may aim to use materials that are of the highest quality, this ensures that guarantees are included after dental treatments (which some clinics and practices may lack).

What can dental clinics abroad offer

At surgeries abroad, they may offer a positive and close relationship with their patients, as this can have a positive impact on their dental treatment experience. Organisation of accommodation, and travel, as well as ensuring their patients receive an excellent quality of aftercare can be a huge advantage to many potential patients. As a team, dental clinics abroad may aim to ensure their patients are aware of every aspect of their treatment and are with them every step of the dental treatment process.

How do I start the dental treatment process?

If you are a patient who is deciding whether or not to undergo a treatment with a dental clinic abroad, you can start by initially contacting them, either by telephone, or email address (both of which may be located on their website). Specialist treatment consultants may be able to guide you throughout every step of the process. Treatment consultants may send you extra information and advise you on the best route forward. Although a treatment consultant may offer you a quote, there are alternative ways in which you can do this.

How do I get a quote for a dental clinic abroad?

There are several ways in which a quote can be reached, one of which being through an initial consultation. This form of assessment is probably the most detailed. X-rays can be organised within the United Kingdom if patients do not wish to travel, as well as an alternative clinic.

What happens next?

After your quote is finalised, your accommodation, travel, and other factors of treatment will be organised by one of our professionals, with optimum comfort and convenience of their patients in mind.

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