Breast sagging is an inevitable part of being a woman. Nobody can fully inhibit the process and there are a million and one myths surrounding it. Many women find that it affects their confidence, and so I’ve compiled a few ways you might be able to slow it down.

Contrary to popular belief, breastfeeding is not the culprit of breast sagging, rather, it is most likely due to the pregnancy itself. During the pregnancy and for the weeks afterwards spent nursing, the breast will be much larger in order to facilitate the storage of breast milk. However, following the pregnancy, the breasts will reduce in size which leaves excess skin where there is no longer the tissue to support it.

One of the most highly recommended steps in preventing the sagging of breasts is to wear a high quality sports bra. Movement during exercise causes the Cooper’s ligaments in breasts to stretch, thus causing the breasts to droop and lose perkiness. The extra support provided by a sports bra reduces the movement of breasts, and is a sure-fire way to prevent the eventual sagging while you keep yourself in shape. For additional support, consider investing in a Boobuddy on The Boobuddy is an elasticated band which even further restricts the unnecessary movement of breasts during exercise, and even makes the process more comfortable!

On the topic of exercise, ignore most wives tales about certain exercises being able to prevent the sagging of breasts, this is almost all false. However, exercises which strengthen the chest and increase pectoral muscles can make the breasts appear perkier. So, you might wish to consider some chest strengthening exercise like yoga or Pilates if the appearance of your breasts is a major concern for you.

Your overall health will have some impact on the rate of breast sagging, also. Smoking is known to increase the rate of sagging, which is even more of a reason to give the cigarettes a miss!

Having a high BMI can also influence the rate of sagging. In fact, those who have more fat than breast tissue can expect their breasts to droop at a much earlier time. However, try to avoid any crash dieting (or in fact any practices which might cause significant weight fluctuation). Breasts are far more likely to sag if they’re subject to excess skin where the fat in the breasts has been dropped.

Most of us know the dangers of using sunbeds to tan, but few realise the effect that they can have on the breasts. If using sunbeds, be sure to cover up the underside of the breast as this area is sensitive and due to rare exposure to the sun, can burn at an accelerated rate. Burning the skin of the breast can affect its’ elasticity and even speed up the wrinkling process.

Arguably, breast sagging is irreversible, but some believe there are a few things you might be able to do to improve the look of breasts which have fallen victim. Moisturising the breasts is famed as the best solution, many advise to rub aloe vera gel on the breasts regularly. If you’re particularly devoted to the upkeep of your breasts, you might want to get olive oil massages. These will not only moisturise, but also boost circulation around the breast tissue.

The bottom line, however, is that breast sagging is a reality for every woman. You can take steps to prevent the process, but remember not to let it take over!

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