Regardless of why you are missing teeth, having a gap can cause you to feel incredibly insecure or embarrassed when it comes to showing off your smile. There are several solutions when it comes to replacing teeth temporarily, but having dental implants in Milton Keynes offers you a more permanent feeling solution. Your artificial teeth will be made to both look and feel exactly like your original teeth and you will not have to worry about your false teeth becoming loose if they are attached to tooth implants.

Whilst your artificial teeth will not last forever, if you take proper care of them and visit your dentist regularly for check-ups, they will be able to last you up to twenty years. If you have an implant-supported denture your dentist will show you how to remove this appliance and clean it before reattaching it to your tooth implants.

Single and multiple tooth replacement

If just one of your teeth have fallen out, then it is most likely that your dental practitioner will advise you to have a crown fitted. This will completely restore your missing tooth and close up the gap you have been worrying about. Crowns can be tooth coloured, so they completely blend in with your natural teeth and make things such as smiling and speaking a lot more enjoyable, as you do not have to worry about others noticing your gap.

There are other treatments available if you are missing several teeth, either all next to each other or on either side of a remaining tooth. Depending on your individual situation your dental professional may recommend that you have a partial denture or a bridge attached to your tooth implants. A bridge is generally used if you have a remaining original tooth in between two gaps, so you are able to replace your teeth easily without your original teeth needing to be removed or getting in the way.

Replacing a full set of teeth

If you have had removable dentures for years and wish to upgrade to implant-supported dentures, then this is easy for you to do. You might also want to investigate this treatment if your teeth have started to naturally fall out, due to general wear and tear. This could be age-related, or it could be where you have not taken proper care of your teeth and your gums are no longer strong enough to hold them in place. Either way, it can be incredibly upsetting when your teeth start to fall out and it can damage your confidence dramatically.

There are several different methods when it comes to replacing a full set of teeth, so it is recommended that you speak to your dental practitioner to find out which option is the most viable for you. A full set of dentures can be fitted into your mouth using as little as four tooth implants, but this will depend on your overall situation. Some people will need considerably more screws to support their dentures, but they are unlikely to require one screw per tooth, as one screw is more than capable of supporting multiple artificial teeth.

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