It’s perhaps just a little bit different with the fellas, but there’s nothing like a nice, smooth set of calves on a lady, whether one looks at them directly while you’re wearing a skirt or dress or if their definition makes your yoga pants hug you that much more snugly. With the guys what they appear to be aiming for is a big pair of calves, perhaps with a vein or two bursting out when they flex them, but for us ladies it’s all about tone and shape, perhaps just a little bit of size as well, but not too much.

Killer-calves aren’t that hard to come by however as it’s the one muscle group which is rather responsive to even the slightest of targeted exercises, something you might have even noticed inadvertently, perhaps following some more-than-usual running load or if you’ve walked up a long flight of stairs, signifying some exercise you’ve not been accustomed to of late. Unlike with most (if not all) other muscles, you don’t have to put a lot of intensity into their targeting with specific exercises and sustain that intensity over a conservable period.

Calf exercises can be done in many ways which don’t feel like you’re exercising, making for a lot of fun instead. It’s only the next morning when you wake up to a bit of stiffness and soreness that you realise you were in fact working out your calves quite effectively. I’m not quite the steroid-fuelled sucker for pain (not at all in fact), but I like a bit of pain in the muscles I’ve been working out as this signifies a successful workout which targeted the right areas.


Going out onto the open road with your bike is one of the best ways to get in a bit of exercise when you’re feeling uninspired, quite simply because it makes for a lot of fun really. What cycling also does is it gives your calf muscles some good dynamic exercise which specifically helps with the toning of the calves. Cyclists who are out and about on their Cube Mountain Bikes enjoy the option of having a lot of different “gears” to choose from, which means they can vary the intensity with which they work their calves for some great toning, shaping and definition.

Calf Raises

Calf raises are great because you can literally do them anywhere, anytime. Weights can be used for added intensity, but you can very well do them even if you’re sitting down and watching TV, stirring the pot while you’re cooking, or anywhere else really. Calf raises are more for strength than toning and definition though, but they’re very important if you do indeed want killer calves.

Standing up off Your Chair

Make a habit out of standing up off your chair without using your arms for support and you’ll have those killer calves constructed and toned in no time. It takes some getting used to, but once you make it a habit this could in fact be more than enough daily exercise for your calves to turn into killer calves.

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