Spinal cord injuries can affect not only lives, but even relationships in the long run. Regardless if you incurred spine injuries from slip and fall or car accidents, these injuries can be severe and can cause permanent damage and change in one’s physical strength and sensation. If you or someone you know has suffered a spinal cord injury, it’s vital to take necessary steps to protect you and your family’s future. Here’s what you need to know about spine injuries.

Signs of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spine injuries are characterized by a physical condition that involves damage to any part of the spinal cord. When you’ve sustained a severe spinal cord injury, your ability to fully control your body can be affected. Aside from needing help to support your day-to-day functions, your capacity to earn a living for your family may be over. In such cases, a neurologist with years of experience (for instance, dr timothy steel or a similar professional) can be approached to understand the issues you may face due to the injury. A few of the symptoms may include:

  • Loss of mobility
  • Loss of bowel control
  • Muscle spasms
  • Changes in sexual activity
  • Stinging sensation

Dealing with spinal cord injuries can be challenging to both you and your family because the people who once relied on you may find themselves struggling to support you for the rest of your life.

Things To Know Legally About Spine Injuries

While many spinal cord injury survivors usually expect an apology, especially if someone else is at fault for the injury in question, sometimes a mere, “I’m sorry” is not enough. From the moment you’ve suffered a spine injury, you’ll have many things to consider in order to improve your quality of life. In fact, assistance for your medical care, insurance issues and protection of your rights in the community, at work and school will all be primary considerations. Below are some things to know legally about spine injuries:

  1. Compensation for damages – While you want someone to admit the blame for your injury, unfortunately, you can’t compel the person to apologize. The damage has been done; thus you can only seek compensation for damages.
  • Remember that it’s not wrong to ask for financial compensation for your injuries. It’s a possible legal action you can take advantage of to get what you reasonably deserve to compensate for the loss you’ve sustained because of your spine injury.
  • When you’re bringing an action in court, a jury reaffirming that you didn’t deserve to be injured can help your healing and recovery process. But what’s important here is the amount you can seek based on the extent of harm you’ve incurred.
  1. Bringing justice by holding people at fault liable – Ending up with a spine injury can genuinely be devastating. Aside from thinking about your financial health, you may feel hopeless and extremely frustrated with what had happened.
  • One way of getting the justice you rightfully deserve is by holding those negligent people liable for the damage they’ve caused you.
  • Although looking for justice for your injuries will not always help you financially, making those people at fault accountable can help you regain a sense of self-worth.
  1. Filing a spinal cord injury lawsuit – Thinking about filing a spinal injury lawsuit can help you protect your family from the financial burden brought about by your permanent spinal cord injury.
  • Keep in mind that spine injuries can make you incapable of doing the activities you usually do for your family. Because of the damage, you may not be able to perform these things, making it more challenging for you and your family to cope.
  • However, filing a lawsuit, with the help of professional lawyers from firms like Boland Romaine, for your spinal cord injury can allow you to reduce the financial and physical worries your family may experience after your injury.
  • In fact, winning the lawsuit can help your loved ones in the following ways:

a) Ability to afford high-quality medical care which can potentially improve your chances of recovering from the injury.

b) Ability to pay for some family services such as child care and groceries.

c) Investment for the future of your family through the money you can recover.

d) Payment for your caregiving services so that your family will not have a hard time taking care of you for a long time.

  1. Protection against discrimination – Some people can’t understand how you’re feeling because of your spine injury. Chances are they’ll judge you, stare at you, and maybe even discriminate against you.
  • In some unfortunate cases, you’ll be subjected to inhumane treatment by other people. But one way to carry out your rights is to sue those who unjustly discriminate against you because of your disability.
  • You can get an experienced lawyer to file a lawsuit on your behalf to protect you and your family from discrimination.

Having spine injuries can erode your sense of efficacy. But along with the lifelong medical treatment you need to improve your condition, you can avail the assistance of a licensed attorney to assist you in your legal battle to get financial aid for your medical costs, lost wages and for the compensation for your pain and suffering. Click here to know more about your legal options, especially if the spine injury was caused by things such as an auto accident. Remember that getting a professional attorney can give you the opportunity to be compensated justly for your benefit and of your family.

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