Depending on the budget you’re working with and how this could affect the claims process on any legal insurance you may have, it’s otherwise encouraged to make provision for your legal needs in the same way you do your health needs. So in the same way that you consult a doctor for a check-up, you should consult your lawyer for what can be referred to as a legal-health assessment.

Not only can this help you avoid any ominously looming potential legal issues which can only be spotted in advance by a trained professional, it can also help you uncover some areas in which you might be eligible to receive some compensation or some kind of recourse. That brings into focus one of many services provided by personal injury attorneys, beyond personal injury claims.

Dangerous Medical Devices

Medical device manufacturers are obligated to produce safe products which go on to be deployed in the treatment of patients, but that’s not always what they do, prioritising profits over safety. A personal injury attorney could offer the service of helping you claim against such manufacturers of medical devices which turn out not to be as safe as previously made out to be, which is surprisingly a rather common occurrence. Some of these dangerous medical devices include the likes of a hernia mesh, or a transvaginal mesh, both of which could have been surgically inserted a couple of decades ago.

Other such devices include the likes of hip devices, dangerous e-cigarettes, IVC blood clot filters, invokana and quite a few more which emerge to be dangerous as time goes by.

The recourse structure could range from getting some monetary compensation as you would in the event that you suffered a personal injury that was someone else’s fault, or you can simply be eligible for free medical treatment which includes the surgery to remove that dangerous medical device and the healing process afterwards.

Medical Centre Abuse & Neglect

An experienced Sandusky personal injury lawyer will readily tell you a story of how common medical malpractice cases are in the Northern Ohio region in particular, which makes for some concerning reading. However, that’s what these legal professionals are there for, helping patients get the justice and compensation they deserve as a result of medical malpractice cases such as surgical mistakes, pharmaceutical drug errors, misdiagnosis, anaesthesiologist errors, and healthcare provider negligence.

The negligence scope goes beyond the typical healthcare facility such as a hospital or doctor’s office though, permeating assisted living centres such as nursing homes. These types of claims fall under nursing home abuse and neglect, often identified through conditions such as evidence of sexual abuse, fall accidents, malnutrition, sepsis, dehydration and even poor nursing by home staff.

So you can get more than just the service of personal injury claim when you visit a personal injury lawyer, with some more areas which haven’t been mentioned as yet including employee benefits and wage litigation. Personal injury lawyers may specialise in personal injury claims, but they deal within a broader field which is connected to that core personal injury specialisation.

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