Rebounder workouts are a specific type of elastic Leveraged, high-intensity workout usually performed on an apparatus called a rebounder (also known as a mini-trampoline) that is closely descended from traditional sporting trampolines, specifically sports that require jumping and/or running.

A common variation of the workout is to perform the exercise on the trampoline instead of the ground. The rebounder can be made from wood, metal, and different types of elastic materials. Rebounders can be used for many different types of exercises like stretching, muscle building, toning, cardiovascular exercises, and much more. In addition, rebounders can also help with balance, flexibility, strength training, agility, balance improvement, muscle recovery, and overall fitness.

Anyone who likes to stay in shape at home can benefit from using a rebounder. Even though trampolining may seem like child’s play, it burns fat 50 percent faster than running. When buying a trampoline, look for features such as weight restrictions, ease of assembly, adjustable height, and durability. To get an in-depth idea of what to look for in a quality rebounder, you can also check out budget trampoline reviews at or similar websites.

Some good rebounder workouts include jump walking, jump climbing, ring toss, hopping, jogging, hopping, bounce house jumps, kick boxing, and one-leg squat. There is even a specific workout called the Bellicon which includes a circuit of bells with the bellies being weighted to allow for an explosive jump and body rotation. The Bellicon is often used in fitness clinics, clubs, sports camps, health clubs, and in workout rooms at schools and colleges.

Rebounder workouts often use a series of weighted springs that bounce the athlete and the bouncing surface (rebounder) in place. As the rebounder bounces, it puts tension and force on the muscles and ligaments in the body resulting in a full range of motion, a tighter and firmer appearance of the joints, and an increased metabolic rate. The bouncing action is not the only factor, however. In addition to the bouncing surface, the springs and the elastic resistance on the bellies of the rebounder also engage the surrounding muscles and ligaments for an excellent workout.

For beginners, rebounder workouts can be very challenging and may take some time to achieve the proper conditioning. These workouts should definitely be attempted by beginners because they are more difficult and require more focus. Because of the amount of work that is required and the increased level of difficulty, it is advised that beginners start with fewer bells.

When done correctly, rebounder workouts can be very effective for weight loss and to improve cardiovascular fitness. These exercises can also help individuals lose weight because the bounce makes the individual work harder, thus making them burn more calories, as well as increasing metabolism. Jogging can be a very effective workout when done with a good set of rebounder workouts that use proper form. Jogging in place using the bouncing motion, instead of just bouncing off the ground, will increase the overall intensity of the workout and produce faster results, but is easier for beginners.

For those who are serious about increasing their overall fitness levels, mini trampoline Hiit workouts should be considered. Mini trampoline hiit workouts provide the same cardio vascular benefits as other, more traditional rebounder workouts, but can be performed at home. Beginners and those who want to improve their fitness levels should consider trying the mini trampoline hiit workout programs. They are easy to learn and extremely low-impact, while still being highly effective. The increased workout volume along with the increased oxygen and calorie burning benefits make these workouts ideal for fitness conscious people to stay in shape and stay healthy.

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