If you’re one of those people who’ve become somewhat addicted to the buzz of being energetic and keeping fit, then you’ll know how easy it is to overdo things.

This can be a problem as something as simple as running can cause knee pain. So in order to stay fit without causing yourself an injury, here are some activities that range from online poker games to keep you mentally agile, to the simple pleasures of foam rolling.

Mental agility

Any sports star will tell you that physical fitness is only half the battle when aiming for athletic excellence, as your mental agility can do much to give you that winning edge. Thankfully, just because we’re giving our bodies rest, doesn’t mean that we can’t use the time to advance our mental faculties.

There’s a great range of online exercises to enjoy with the likes of Brain HQ being developed by neuroscientists to provide advanced cognitive dexterity. And even some of Coral’s online poker innovations can do much to give your brain a workout and they can all be played from the convenience of a smartphone whilst you rest and recuperate – are you in? So as well as giving your grey matter a workout, some brain exercises can also provide some handy winnings!

Gentle workouts

Of course, many of us won’t be able to rest completely. In which case a few foam rolling exercises can subtly massage any aches and pains. They can also create better mobility and performance, all from the comfort of your living room – just be sure to follow these steps to ensure you don’t do yourself any further damage.

Issues of mobility have also highlighted the growing trend for mobility workouts to help us move freely without causing our body undue stress. Learning the basics can be considered a good way to ‘actively rest’ and a few simple stretches can then be easily incorporated into your regular workout routine.

The power of yoga

And finally, the eastern practice of yoga has become increasingly important for many fitness fans. Through simple meditation exercises, it can do much to relieve any undue mental stress, and the increased suppleness and flexibility found through simple yoga poses can all be achieved whilst you rest from your normal workout routine.

The great thing about yoga is that you don’t need to head to a gym or an ashram to enjoy its benefits, as with just the bare minimum of equipment you can enjoy all its mood-enhancing and body-toning benefits.

So from giving your mind the winning edge with a game of online poker, to relieving your aches and pains with a foam rolling session, there’s many ways that you can keep fit and healthy without necessarily working out!

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