Dental implants in Harley Street are favoured by dentists and patients alike due to the high success rate of around 98%. This rate depends on where within the mouth this procedure takes place, but generally speaking, many find this treatment to be the most comfortable and dependable solution to missing teeth.

It is critically important for everyone’s oral health that they replace any missing teeth as quickly as possible, as there are many negative side effects that coincide with gaps in the mouth. Losing teeth can have a devastating impact on a person’s self-esteem and cause them to worry about how their smile looks. When a person does not smile as casually and comfortably as normal, this can have an impact on their overall outlook on life and how others respond to them.

Surrounding, remaining teeth are liable to shift and move which can create biting and chewing complications, alter a person’s speech and weaken their jawbone. The delicate gums are compromised, with the likelihood of injury and infection rising as foods can tear at the gums and become stuck between gaps and inside empty sockets. This is also a breeding ground for bacteria to thrive in.

Premature ageing is another complication that lost teeth are held accountable for. The cheeks are no longer supported as they once were and can draw inwards, causing the face to sag and appear sunken and drooped.

What can be done about it?

Thankfully, a solution is available that can eliminate and combat all of these concerns that a patient may have regarding their smile. By taking advantage of the properties of titanium metal and how it can bond with bone, a rod is surgically inserted directly into the jaw to fuse with the bone over time.

This creates a durable, reliable and long lasting solution that effectively replaces the missing tooth root. The body reacts as if the tooth was never lost in the first place; the jawbone remains strong, teeth do not shift and the face does not droop and sag.

A crown can be attached permanently to the rod which gives the patient back their natural and fully functional smile. If more than one adjacent tooth has been lost, then it is possible for a bridge to be designed, meaning that less invasive surgery needs to be performed for the same results.

Whether it is a bridge or a crown that is being attached to the titanium rod, the effect is a pleasing one, due to the lengthy effort that the dentist puts into creating a natural looking and feeling replacement tooth. The shape, size and colour will all be chosen from an exhaustive list to create a tailor made tooth for every patient.

Once this treatment has been completed and has healed successfully, with proper maintenance and care, there is no reason as to why this solution should not last a patient for their lifetime. Regular professional cleaning is required to ensure that there is no build up of bacteria around the site. Infection is one of the leading causes of rejection and can occur at any time.

By speaking with a dental professional about the option of having this treatment, patients are able to fully understand the advantages and any potential limitations that are personal to their situation.

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