Wellness is the act of adhering to healthy living practices on a regular basis in order to achieve better mental and physical health results, thereby leaving you healthy instead of just survive. How does wellness relate to health? Well, to know the relevance of wellness to total health, it is important to first understand just how it is associated with overall health. By understanding wellness we also open up our eyes to ways by which we can improve wellness, whether with a transformational life coach by our side or by ourselves.

In general, health and wellness are comprised of four dimensions: Physical, mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health. These four dimensions are interrelated but not entirely dependent upon each other. The interrelationship is a function of the interdependence of each dimension on others. For instance, although nutrition is an important factor in physical well-being, poor nutritional habits would impact negatively on the other dimensions as well.

The best way to enhance your well-being is to ensure that you are taking care of all four dimensions at the same time. This can be accomplished through a holistic approach to nutrition, including incorporating exercise into your daily routines, adding in supplements that support each of the other dimensions, and making dietary choices that are in line with your goals for wellness. By taking all of these aspects into consideration, there are proven ways to improve your physical well-being and improve your mental wellness. Let’s take a closer look at each of these dimensions.

The first dimension of wellness is physical wellness. It can be defined as the ability to maintain a stable and safe body weight, and the ability to maintain normal body functions, such as breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. Healthful habits include moderate to vigorous physical activity, maintaining a reasonable fitness level, and a commitment to good nutritional habits and consistent monitoring of weight and body fat. Consistent and proper management of environmental toxins can also help to improve physical wellness. Sometimes, we tend to forget to focus on our health. Joining a gym (like Truth Gym Gallery), for instance, and sticking continuously to their routine could be one of the options taken towards maintaining physical health.

The second dimension of wellness is mental wellness. It is important for you to think clearly and feel comfortable, happy, and most importantly, safe in your environment. Mental wellness includes being able to concentrate, learn new things, stay up on your commitments, deal with stress, and deal with depression. Everyone is different and the way each person keeps their mental wellness at a good level is personal. Some people like to meditate, others use substances like cannabis to relax (you can Click Here to see more of that), and others simply enjoy socialising to take away the stresses we encounter. Mental wellness also includes maintaining a positive attitude, practicing creativity, setting goals and achievements, maintaining personal boundaries, and maintaining a positive body image.

The third dimension of wellness is quality of life, which is focused on having a good and successful experience throughout life. Intellectual wellness encompasses having an enriched experience through reading, writing, and listening to educative materials. Emotional wellness includes having an enriching and fulfilling life experience, and improving your sense of self, relationships, and overall well-being. Spiritual wellness encompasses a strong commitment to a religious or spiritual path, and the ability to maintain an open mind and a sense of curiosity about the world and God.

The fourth dimension of wellness is physical wellness. This includes managing your body, mind, and spirit, and keeping your organs, tissues, and systems in the best working order. This requires eating the right foods, exercising on a regular basis, and getting regular restful sleep. This dimension of wellness also includes the four elements of water: hydration, purification, oxygen, and wind.

The seventh dimension of wellness is mental and emotional wellness. It includes having a good and healthy relationship with other people and with your environment. Having a satisfying career, social network, and meaningful social interactions are elements of emotional wellness. And finally, your level of physical health is a reflection of your level of wellness. The keys to good health are appropriate nutrition, a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. Each year, there are certain wellness trends that can help you to balance all of the dimensions of wellness. You can find the top trends to try at acommunityofthehorse.com, should you wish to give them a go.

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