5 dental emergencies that you should not ignore

Woken up in the middle of the night with a toothache? Ouch!

While most people would know that dental pain that wakes you up in the middle of the night is an emergency, there is a misunderstanding of what other issues constitute a trip to the emergency dentist in Beaconsfield.

Indeed, there are many scenarios in which you may be in no discomfort at all, yet if a dentist were to hear of your situation, they would call you in for an emergency check-up!

It is natural to assume that you will never have a dental emergency but, statistically, dental emergencies are the reason for over 60% of all dental visits, so the odds are not in your favour!

So, aside from waking up in a great deal of pain, what other dental conditions should you visit your emergency dentist in Beaconsfield for? And what are the long-term issues if you don’t? Read on to find out!

Chipped or cracked tooth

A very common occurrence in children and those who play sports, chipped or cracked teeth require an emergency trip to your dentist.

Even though they may not be uncomfortable, a cracked or chipped tooth can allow bacteria to get underneath the enamel of your teeth. This can cause a myriad of issues, such as decay and abscesses, both of which require more complicated treatments than fixing a crack or chip. Typically, both chips and cracks are fixed with porcelain composite.

Sudden swelling

Sudden swellings anywhere on the body should be investigated, but if they occur in your mouth, you should call your dentist for an emergency appointment. In a similar way to a cracked tooth, while the swelling may not be painful, it may be indicative of an abscess or could be the result of an allergic reaction. If not diagnosed and treated correctly, both of these can cause pain and pressure on the airway. Regardless of the cause, as soon as you notice any unusual swellings in your mouth, call your dentist.

Lumps and bumps

Nothing sends panic through a person’s mind like finding a mysterious lump or bump.

While most lumps and growths that occur in the mouth are benign, it is always wise to have a dentist examine any new additions to your mouth, as the sudden appearance of a lump could be a sign of oral cancer.

Not to worry though! Even if you do have oral cancer, if caught early, treatments are straightforward and have a good long-term prognosis.

Lost filling or crown

Losing fillings and crowns are common, but can become serious if not treated immediately.

Not seeing your dentist about a lost filling or crown may result in the tooth breaking, becoming infected or could lead to further decay.

Broken brace wire or loose bracket

Though they are very sturdy, metal braces are far from indestructible.

If you have fallen over and snapped the wire of the brace, or one of the brackets has come loose, call your dentist for a same-day appointment to avoid injury.

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