Whatever corner of the industry you may be active in, the fact which remains is that the health & fitness industry is a very tough one to get into, getting increasingly competitive with each new competitor that enters the market. If you have a physical store through which you sell supplements for example, some blogger from across the world could very easily eat into your profits by perhaps listing a cheaper supplier through which your existing buyers can switch to, while they earn commissions as an affiliate, which makes them prioritise sales volume over something like the quality you otherwise prioritise.

However, the increasingly tough health & fitness business and industry has a lot of lessons in business to teach, one of which is that if you can survive the earliest days then you’re more than halfway towards reaching a point beyond which success comes easier than failure.

Branding that goes hand-in-hand with sales

One of the biggest mistakes first-timers and returnees make, in the world of business, is that of falling into the trap of pursuing either the development of their brand or pursuing sales. They go down only one of these two paths, perhaps driven by what seems to be the natural belief that both cannot be pursued at the same time. It usually isn’t even a belief which is explicitly identified and defined, but one which the effects of can be spotted by an outside eye or by someone who has a little more experience in the world of business, generally.

Think of it as a top coach earning the top salary they earn to coach and manage unmistakably talented professional sportspersons. There are certain aspects of the game only this top coach can identify and use to help the professional athlete they’re coaching employ…

So, bringing things back to the world of business, while you’re busy building the actual business and you’re chasing sales, remember to build your brand simultaneously. Richard Branson’s Virgin Active brand can draw investors anytime, by virtue of being what it is, for instance, even when we consider that this particular chain of health & fitness clubs is likely no different to any other which prioritises delivering a good service to its customers as well.

Smart marketing and advertising tactics

The days when you could simply Google some of the best information with which to get ahead in your marketing and advertising campaigns are long gone, because everything becomes saturated very quickly. Some smarter marketing and advertising tactics are required to survive the earliest days, which are the toughest.

If your health and fitness business has a solid brand, for instance, something like waiting on the delayed funds due to you on account of servicing a clientele that is waiting on their EEOICPA claims payouts, shouldn’t put you out of business if you can wait out that period of effectively not receiving an income.

So as part of your smart marketing and advertising tactics, you might have to demonstrate some versatility in pursuing specialist markets your competitors see as lost causes, like providing health services for EEOICPA beneficiaries.

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