Dentistry has become a very competitive  market. There are more dental practices than ever before. Fortunately more and more people are concerned with the health and appearance of their teeth and are therefore looking for good dental care and with so many dental practices available offering the same services, you need a strong patient attraction system which stands out from amongst the crowd to encourage patients to share their dental requirements with your practice and not the other dental practices in your area.

You must consult with a high quality and experienced digital dental marketing team. They can put together a digital marketing strategy for you that showcases the dental practice, educates patients on the importance of good oral health and encourages them to express their dental issues with you.

What are the 7P’s of dental marketing

The 7Ps of dental marketing is an excellent proven marketing strategy to attract patients to your dental practice. This marketing strategy addresses each sector of your business so that prospective patients can learn about the dental practice, the services that you have to offer, and why they should share their dental problems with your practice.

The strategy begins by addressing the profile of your dental practice. This includes your name and branding, your unique selling points, your backstory and the areas of dentistry that you specialise in. The profile of your practice will be showcased on your homepage, your landing page, your social media pages and the actual dental practice itself and it needs to be strong, attractive and memorable, making sure that people associate your name with excellent dentistry and customer service which is second to none.

The strategy addresses the staff in your practice and the premises of the dental practice. Making sure that you include plenty of photographs of the dental team and a 3-dimensional tour of dental practice will help prospective patients get a feel for your practice prior to visiting it in person. The prices of your services need to be clear and visible so that patients are aware of how much they can be expected to pay for their appointments. You may wish to offer payment plans to help encourage patients to undergo dental treatment knowing that they can pay in instalments making the treatments more affordable for all.

Another important part of the 7Ps of dental marketing and essential for an effective patient attraction system is the promise of quality dental care and good customer service and the proof that you are able to deliver your promises. You need an excellent collection of Google ratings and reviews and it is important that you ask all your patients to leave a quick review after each appointment for prospective patients to read and analyse, encouraging them to share their dental problems with your practice. Speak to your digital marketing team today to learn about proven successful marketing strategies and implement them in your marketing strategy to make sure that you have a strong patient attraction system in place for your dental clinic.

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