The earlier that people start taking their children to the dentist in Harley Street the better their oral health will be in the long run; this is thanks to many factors involved with dentistry starting at a young age. The benefits of keeping a mouth clean and cavity-free, keeping an eye on tooth growth in order to suggest orthodontics at the right time and the all-important psychological aspects involved with good dental care at the right dental practice all contribute to the longevity of overall dental health.

Childhood psychology and the start of dental anxieties

Fears and anxieties often stem from an early trauma which is why it is imperative that parents and dentists create a calm, relaxing, and even fun environment for children to associate dentistry with – something positive rather than something negative – and avoid all early traumas at any cost. Once a young patient has positive feelings about seeing a dentist they are likely to continue with that attitude into adulthood and continue to get regular check-ups and preventive treatments thanks to the healthy habits they formed in their youth.

These habits include getting regular checkups, making regular appointments with a hygienist, creating a good oral care regime at home and not being afraid to visit the kids dentist if a problem occurs. Many adults with dental anxieties will avoid the dentist until they are in debilitating pain instead of seeing a dentist when there is a niggling pain in the beginning. Teaching children to be able to identify when a problem begins and assuring them that a dental visit is better sooner rather than later will form part of their experience and decision making well into adulthood.

Preventive treatments

While it is unlikely that children will suffer cavities in their milk teeth – as long as their parents are ensuring that children maintain healthy oral habits at home and are receiving healthy nutrition with little sugar – there are treatments that dentists can apply to children’s teeth in order to avoid the need for invasive dental work:

Fluoride treatments – Flouride can be painted onto the children’s teeth to help mineralise them and make them stronger in order to prevent things like sugars chipping away at the enamel that covers the tooth.

Fissure sealants – Think of a glue that is squeezed onto the tops of the back teeth in order to seal them off from anything that would want to get inside it and cause damage, this is what a fissure sealant is. This treatment is done once the milk teeth have fallen out and the permanent back teeth are in place, and it stops food particles from sitting in the grooves causing decay.

Early orthodontics

By keeping an eye on the growth of children’s teeth and through the use of X-rays, dentists will be able to spot any problems with the growth of the teeth and the bite from early on which means that they can recommend a course of orthodontic treatment at the right time in early adolescence. This corrective therapy allows for a perfect smile in adulthood and straight teeth mean easier cleaning which means being able to avoid cavities where it would otherwise be difficult due to overlapping and crooked teeth.

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