An exercise bike is a great way for people to start a new fitness regime. They help to improve heart health and can aid weight loss.

Research has shown that cycling on a stationary bike for as little as 10 minutes reduces tiredness and negative moods, while also improving energy levels.

Because of the minimal tension stationary bikes put on joints, they’re also perfect for those people whose bodies aren’t suited to rigorous workouts.

Read on for our top four workouts you can perform on a stationary bike.

Strength training

Stationary bikes are a fantastic way to build and tone muscles. Increase the resistance on your bike so you feel like you’re pedaling uphill.

When you increase the resistance, it will seem like you’re slowing down, but the extra effort needed will make your leg and bottom muscles workout harder than ever as they turn the pedals.

When you run out of steam turn the resistance back down, but keep pedalling to ensure you warm down properly. Pass the time by checking out the best odds at Pinnacle and use your winnings to some snazzy new cycling gear!

Cardio intervals

Interval training involves alternating high and low-intensity workouts and has been proven to burn more calories than sticking to a consistent speed throughout your workout.

Mixing up the pace challenges your lungs, heart and body, while preventing boredom at the same time.

Begin with a low-intensity warm-up to loosen and warm up your muscles, then go straight into a 20-second sprint. Pedal as hard as you can, rest for 10-seconds, sprint again and complete around 10 times.

If you can manage longer intervals, simply do each interval for a longer period of time.

Fat burner

After completing your warm-up, cycle at a level that’s around 95% of your full effort for 90 seconds.

Follow up with a 90-second recovery interval that’s around 40% of your full effort. Using the same intensity levels, perform 60-second and 30-second intervals.

After the final 30-second recovery period, cycle at 70% of your full effort for four minutes and repeat the entire set of intervals. Follow this workout and you’ll burn around 15 calories per minute.

Drill time

Some people find cycling on a stationary bike monotonous, so mix things up by incorporating challenging drills into your workout.

Try a technique like speed play, where you complete random intervals, switching things up when you feel inclined to do so – they’re similar to intervals, but with higher intensity sessions.

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