Since the last few years, electronic cigarettes have become a popular aid for quitting smoking in different places of the world. There is still not enough evidence about how effective electronic cigarettes are and how many people have actually found them to be useful in quitting smoking. An e-cigarette is one such device which lets you inhale nicotine without having to inhale most of the harmful impacts of smoking.

Electronic cigarettes usually work by heating the e-liquid and creating the vapor which comes out from the solution and which contains nicotine, a colorless liquid called glycerine, propylene glycol and flavorings. The best part is that it doesn’t involve burning and that there’s no smoke. To know more, you may check

Will e-cigarettes let you stop smoking?

Research reveals that e-cigarettes can let you quit smoking. In case you wish to use an electronic cigarette to quit smoking, you will actually give yourself the best opportunity when you get professional support from the local NHS stop-smoking service. Till the year 2015 April, 2 among 3 people who used e-cigarettes along with the NHS’s service could be able to quit smoking totally.

Different things actually work for different people and especially when you have already tried different other methods of calling smoking quits without achieving success. If such is the case with you, you would give e-cigarettes a worthy try.

Do doctors prescribe e-cigarettes?

Presently, there are no electronic cigarettes in the market which are licensed as medicines and this means that the doctors aren’t still able to write them on the prescriptions. As soon as the e-cigarette products which are licensed medically enter the market, stop smoking services and GPs can prescribe them along with other medicines to quit smoking.

Electronic cigarettes – Are they actually safe?

If you take a close look at what comprises of e-cigarettes, you’ll see that they don’t produce carbon monoxide and tar, which are 2 of the main toxins that are found in traditional cigarette smoke. However, the vapor that comes from electronic cigarettes do contain few toxic chemicals which are harmful and which are also found in cigarette smoke but it is found in lower levels. It can’t be denied that e-cigarettes are fairly new products and hence there isn’t any clear picture on its safety levels. However, as per recent evidence, they carry just a fraction of the risk that is found in cigarettes.

Therefore, whenever you’re eager to quit smoking, you could opt for electronic cigarettes so that you could gradually give up the habit of smoking conventional cigarettes.

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