Are you based in Navan and in need of a dentist? It may be that it has been a few years since you have visited a dentist and have no idea where to start. If you cannot remember the last time you have had your teeth checked, you may want to consider a local dentist.

The importance of visiting a dentist

Visiting the dentist should not be occasional. It is recommended that individuals visit their dentist at least once every twelve months for a check-up if they do not have any problems with their teeth, or every three to four months if an individual is experiencing dental issues.

By ensuring that you have regular visits to a dentist, you will be able to make certain that your teeth remain healthy and any dental issues can be detected and tackled early on if need be.

What can a person expect from a dentist?

For individuals who have not visited the dentist for a number of years, new patients will be asked to partake in a detailed medical assessment during which the dentist will assess the mouth, gums and teeth of the individual.

Along with disclosing their medical history for the dental professional to record, the patient, especially if new, will be asked to also provide details of any medication they are currently on. This is important as it allows the dentist to determine whether the medication is affecting the individual’s oral health in any way. At this initial assessment, X-rays will also be taken and each tooth will be examined in detail to determine if there are any areas of concern including decay, filings or any abnormalities. This is also important as it allows the dentist to provide well informed recommendations of any dental treatment based on an individual’s medical history and the current condition of their teeth.

By having these regular check-ups with a dentist as part of a good oral hygiene regime, patients are ensuring that their teeth remain as healthy as possible

Do you have a dental emergency?

During our daily routines, there is always a risk that we may experience an accident which will require immediate attention. An emergency could come about if an individual has had an accident which has resulted in a broken or lost tooth, or if someone has been experiencing a toothache which is becoming unbearable. Whatever the emergency may be, there are professional and well experienced dentists available who are able to attend to these dental issues as soon as possible.

These dentists have allocated diary spaces available every day for individuals who require immediate attention. Although these spaces fill up quickly throughout the day, the dental professional will try their best to ensure that you are seen as soon as possible in order to resolve the issue at hand.

When you first contact a dental clinic about an emergency concerning your teeth, a dental professional will be able to advise over the phone on how best to deal with any discomfort you may be experiencing until you can get to the practice.

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